Boku no Hero Academia (Season 2) Episode 17 Review

Epic finish! 

 Episode 17 of Season 2 (or Episode 30 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)  picks up with battle continuing. They’re in a tight spot with Izuku down again, leaving Todoroki to defend them against Stain.  Iida, after remembering why he wanted to be a hero like his brother, finally gets his act together just as he gains the ability to move again. It’s just in time to save Todoroki from getting cut down by Stain and he gets back into the fight with a renewed vigor, snapping Stain’s sword in half. He takes a couple of knives in the arms by the time Izuku gets up as well, but they pull an epic tag-team move that Todoroki follows up with and knock Stain out.

That seemingly brings a close to the battle to the death with Stain as the other heroes work with Gran Torino and Endeavor to put down the rest of the Nomus with the exception of one. That Nomu goes out of its way to kidnap Izuku, but Stain manages to lick its blood and rescues him by shoving his knife straight into the Nomu’s brain.  Then he gives an epic (that word is being used a lot here) speech about how he believes that his actions are necessary to create a more just world and only All Might has the right to take him down.

Of course, he passes out standing up afterwards while the other heroes were frozen in place as the episode ends.

So the battle ends. Iida finally gets his head in the game and manages to get the advantage. I mean, his arms are jacked-up, but considering that Stain managed to put them on the ropes all together, it’s a win.

And Endeavor is an asshole, but goddamn that man has some moves on him. He wasted no time in frying the head of one Nomu and then crafting a fire spear to nail another. He’s like Bakugo, his personality is crap but his powers are on the next level.

And considering how Stain went beast-mode the moment he saw Endeavor, it’s pretty clear he’s got something to do with his current nose-less condition.


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