Goblin Slayer Episode 4 Review

You've activated my Trap Card! The fourth episode is out now and we've reached the first third of the cour. Last we checked, Goblin Slayer and his crew were going into the fort to start slaying goblins. But what other mysteries lay inside the old fortress? Check out my Recap and Review of Goblin Slayer … Continue reading Goblin Slayer Episode 4 Review

Phantasms and Cosmic Knowledge (Bloodborne Lore)

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Bloodborne and I have a bit of a unique relationship, wherein I have become rather intrigued by the whole plot and the game refuses to give me straight answers without the song and dance of me lore-diving and trying to piece it together with critical thinking—which is akin to doing a jigsaw puzzle blindfolded while fending off an army of tentacles.

The gist of the plot of Bloodborne is that humans attempting to evolve to the level of the Great Ones have caused a level of ‘oh crap, we’re all going to die’ that you rarely see in a Victorian-era setting. So much that the good ending has you being under the care of a porcelain doll who is the closest thing to human comfort you’ll get as you splatter the street with blood and go mad. The latter is what I particularly want to touch on…

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