Survival of the Fittest (Jungle Juice)

As of late I have been following a rather interesting webtoon that I was recommended by chance on a forum I frequented. And while it does have some questions that I feel need to be answered, I felt that I should give it the attention it deserves as much as I would any other manga … Continue reading Survival of the Fittest (Jungle Juice)

The Witch From Mercury Announcement [Mobile Suit Gundam]

Much to my surprise and delight, there has been a new Gundam Project announced on the official Gundam website coming in 2022. There isn't much to know about the project as of yet, but considering the alternative projects coming up are a dive back into the SEED Era and the Hathaway Films, I will be … Continue reading The Witch From Mercury Announcement [Mobile Suit Gundam]

The Evolution of a Useless Goddess [Recommendation]

So, I've gushed about how I've fallen back in love with Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon (DanMachi) through the mobile game stories, especially Aedes Vesta. It gave me a different perspective on the characters beneath all the harem tropes that I have long since outgrown by chronicling a hero's journey as well … Continue reading The Evolution of a Useless Goddess [Recommendation]

Veldorbell: A Man In Search Of A Muse [Infinite Dendrogram]

The King of Orchestras at work. During the airing of Infinite Dendrogram, which was quite a while ago, there was a minor character that I was fond of despite having so little screen time: Veldorbell. Appearing in only a handful of volumes, he is one of the few Masters who holds a Superior Job within … Continue reading Veldorbell: A Man In Search Of A Muse [Infinite Dendrogram]

Analysis: Bofuri is so Charming Because It Shows The Best of the Gaming Community


I just loved watching Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt So I’ll Max Out my Defense and I just recently watched season one for the third time which really had me thinking about why this show in particular had so much charm to it that makes it such an addicting show to watch. So after thinking about it I came to my own conclusion and that is that Bofuri really does a great job showing us the absolute best moments a gamer could have as well as how a healthy and amazing gaming community functions.

Anime Series Like Bofuri: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My  Defense – Recommend Me Anime

The show stars a girl who goes by Maple in an online game she is playing for the first time and it’s shortly after she logs in that you really start to see where the charm of this show comes from. Maple very quickly falls in love with the world of the video game…

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