Fate Apocrypha – Episode 4 Review

….A life for a life, a vow between three.

The fourth episode of Fate Apocrypha is out and it’s a doozy of one too. It opens with Berserker of the Red bodying some golems while Rider (Achilles) and Archer (Atalanta) trail after him, but not before bringing up they’ve never seen the faces of their Masters despite getting orders and feeling their presence. Of course, then some Servants of the Black begin to arrive.

Astolfo is sent out first, though he’s not exactly enthusiastic about it, while the homunculus is still deciding whether or not his existence has meaning. He doesn’t want to die or be useless, so he’s going to try to live. Astolfo manages to down  Berserker of the Red long enough for Lancer and Caster to capture him with the ease of swatting down a fly, with the intention of changing his contract to work for them, before going back to get the homunculus so he can run away.

At the same time, Achilles has to face Frankenstein and Siegfried with Atalanta. Gordes, once again, acts like a dumbass and orders Siegfried to use his Noble Phantasm, only to be stopped by Darnic. He’s pretty mad that Gordes wasted a second Command Seal and has Chiron go after Achilles, while covering Berserker long enough for her to get to Atalanta.  Atalanta and Achilles ultimately retreat, though Chiron knows the latter since they knew one another in life.

The homunculus and Astolfo go on the run after that, but Caster finds out and sends out a warning so they’d go and retrieve him alive. The homunculus is still emo-ing out when Astolfo tells him he only needs the will to live as Ruler arrives and comments on the lack of Red Masters involved in the fighting. Then Gordes forces Siegfried to fight Astolfo as he goes after the homunculus and ends up punching him in the heart hard enough to basically damage it.

Astolfo basically convinces Seigfried to help them, and Seigfried finally gets sick of his Master enough to tear out his own heart and give it to the homunculus, fulfilling his own wish of helping someone because he wanted to. So, Seigfried dies asking Ruler to let that the homunculus live free if possible and goes without regrets.

Ruler vows to do her best as the episode ends.

Whelp, Siegfried didn’t last long. But, then again, that was the best way he could go, fulfilling his own wishes. He didn’t have a wish for the grail in the first place, only one that was so simple it could be granted without it, so for him it was a good death.

But man,  Gordes was a fuck-up from start to finish. Not only was he acting high-and-mighty with Seigfried, but going against his own orders to bring the homunculus back alive. Now they’re down a Saber while gaining a Berserker, the latter of which was through no effort of his own.


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