This is a small blog run by someone who has been a fan of anime, games, and light novels for quite some time. I use it as an outlet to give my thoughts on these different forms of media, ranging from reviews to analysis to even recommendations. To that end, while I will cover some seasonal anime, I usually have a sporadic update schedule and pretty much post on whatever topic just so happens to catch my interest.

This includes Webtoons and Manga as well.

Legal Sites

I’m trying to be a little more legitimate, so for works where there are legal streaming websites such as Funimation or legal publishers like J-Novel Club, we will link to those since there’s next to no chance you’ll have to deal with anything unpleasant like viruses or malware pop-ups from the more prevalent pirating websites.

If you want links to less than legal sources chances are you can find it without my help anyway.

Affiliate Relationships

I am an affiliate with Amazon, so if any of the light novels or games I post about can be bought from their website chances are I will have an affiliate link to it. I won’t go out of my way to advertise links to every single thing that I post about, especially if that happens to be a work I disdain. But if its something I do enjoy and you think you might as well, feel free to click on it.