Fate Apocrypha – Episode 5 Review

….The battlefield is where heroes die. A fate she hopes to deny Sieg.

The fifth episode of Fate Apocrypha is out and opens with the homunculus waking up after a dream of him being consumed by a dragon after receiving Command Seals. Jeanne tells him that she made a vow to protect him and Astolfo is happy that he’s survived. But before they can celebrate, the other members of Yggdmillennia arrive and Darnic is pissed that they lost their Saber for this reason.

Caster still wants his core though, so they try and make Rider hand him over and Ruler tells them that the kid is out of the war since he didn’t join willingly. Since any Servant going against Ruler gets curb-stomped, they back off and settle for punishing Rider as a traitor. Astolfo tells the homunculus to live so that their sacrifices are in vain, and his Master is pissed to say the least considering the torture she puts him through while he’s staked in the dungeon.

Chiron offers Astolfo some peace of mind though that the homunculus will have a longer life due to have the heart of a Servant. At the same time, Jeanne continues to take him to some place safer. He then names himself Sieg to honor the hero who saved him and gets his first experience being hungry.

Darnic and Vlad discuss more matters on the grail, with Assassin’s Master being found dead in Japan and his killer unknown. Naturally, it cuts to the woman who took his Servant, the little girl who was covered in blood a few episodes ago and calls her Master mom.

Jeanne also drops some info-dump on her own circumstances, such as being contracted by the Grail itself and possessing the body of a French girl. The girl won’t be harmed while she’s possessing her willingly, but the fact that she needed to possess someone means something is wrong with the war. Sieg questions if he was responsible, but she denies this.

Then the call goes out for Kairi of the Red Faction and the siblings of the Black Faction to go into a nearby town since Jack the Ripper has shown up. Jeanne dumps Sieg off with a nice man she convinces to take him in and tells him to smile before she then heads back to the battlefield, despite knowing that he will eventually join the battle as well due to a future vision. The episode ends after Shirou lies to the Masters that the war is won and takes their Command Seals.

Jeanne takes no shit and does not back down. I like her already. She wants to deny the fate of battle she predicts he will have since he lost everything already, no matter what.

Meanwhile, Gordes’s failure serves as an example as to why you don’t want a lack of communication between Master and Servant. The way that female homunculus told him bluntly seemed to get the message across. Hoping he’ll learn from it.

As for Jack the Ripper, its obviously that little girl. It’s not the first time that sort of thing has happened in Fate. I wonder what kind of terror she’ll be.

Only one way to find out.




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