Fate Apocrypha – Episode 6 Review

Doctor Octopus would like to have a word with you.

The sixth episode of Fate Apocrypha begins with Kairi experiencing the Dream Cycle, where the Master experiences the past of the Servant through their connection. It starts  with Mordred on the field and getting ready to strike down her father, King Arthur (Saber in the other adaptations of the series) while demanding to ask why she couldn’t the king. She disarms Arthur only to get stabbed in the gut by a magic spear and told she doesn’t have the qualifications to do so.

When he wakes up, he finds Mordred playing with a cat and they go out to eat. Along the way, they learn more about the murder cases. Waver tells them that members of the Magus Association are the victims and to sort that out while Mordred plays with the cat that she found from… somewhere.

Back with the Yggdmillennia, we see that Astolfo’s master has decided to basically cut a homunculus apart to relieve her stress over losing the chance to do so to Sieg. She plans to tear him apart eventually to make her Servant suffer while Darnic and Lancer plan to sacrifice Gordes to power Caster’s Noble Phantasm. Caules and Fiore go to deal with Jack the Ripper as well, so things are going to get heavy soon considering Kairi has decided to use himself as bait to lure out Jack.

A poison magic mist rolls in as Jack moves to kill Kairi and Mordred stops her before they start fighting again while Kairi does his magic. Jack doesn’t bother hiding her identity, nor the fact that she’s a serial killer. They get ready to go at each other seriously when Chiron takes a shot that brings their fight to a close.

Fiore then goes to fight Kairi while Mordred goes against Chiron instead. When she closes the distance, Chiron resorts to ancient greek martial arts (Pankration), proving not to be weak in hand-to-hand. Fiore, on the other hand, puts on an initially good showing until Kairi hits her with a car he jacked and gets a shot in as the episode ends.

So, we got to see a lot of info on Mordred and her relationship with her father. Everything really only goes wrong once her mother tells her that she’s the son of the king and Arthur won’t acknowledge her, so she pretty much snaps. So she’s got a lot of daddy issues and is pretty immature, but not as much as Jack the Ripper and her mommy fixation.

Also, its at this point where you have to realize the line between magic and technology is blurred considering Kairi turns organs and body parts into weapons and Fiore has what amounts to Doctor Octopus’ robot arms.  Grand Order only takes it to the 11.

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