Boku no Hero Academia (Season 2) Episode 18 Review

Rest well, young warriors. 

 Episode 18 of Season 2 (or Episode 31 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)  finishes the Stain arc by showcasing our heroes after being hospitalized in the aftermath of the battle. They acknowledge that Stain basically soft-balled them before Gran Torino, Manual, and Kenji Tsuragame, the police chief of Hosu show up.

The police chief gives them a lecture by stating their fight with Stain was unsanctioned and they would be punished under normal circumstances for not following the rules, but since they’re covering up the fact that the students took out Stain, he’ll let them go with only a warning as long as Endeavor gets credit. So they don’t get credit for it, but they don’t get punished for it either.

Unfortunately, things didn’t end that well for everyone. Since Stain was arrested and Shigaraki was filmed,  some people believed that there was a link between him and the League of Villains. Shigaraki isn’t happy about it, obviously, since his intention was to cause so much havoc that everyone forgot about him. So that backfired.

Iida might have suffered long-term damage to his hand due to the knives that got shoved into it damaging some nerves. He regrets that this was brought about by his running off to face Stain for selfish reasons, so he decides to leave his arm as it is as a reminder of this screw up. Todoroki, in the meantime, wonders if everyone he gets involved with screws up their hands and that gets a laugh.

Then we go to Gran Torino and All Might.  Because Izuku ran off, Gran Torino also got a paycut and lost his teaching license for six months. However, his concern is Stain’s ideology and how villains will go towards the League of Villains under the belief that they follow that ideal. He believes the one who is pulling strings is the one who killed the previous owner of One For All and injured All Might so severely, All For One, is moving.

We then get some  scenes of villains rallying under Stain’s ideals towards the League of Villains as the episode ends, confirming their fears.

So, this episode brings the events of Hosu City to a close. There was some good, but also some bad. Stain is off the streets, but others who were enthralled by his words are starting to move to Shigaraki, who doesn’t care for those ideas at all.

They also revealed Stain’s backstory, such as why he turned to villainy. He was once an aspiring hero who grew jaded and dropped out, advocating a return to old-school heroics. So he’s technically someone who was like Izuku, but saw only the ugly side of things in his eyes and turned to killing to get his message across.

Next episode will be an anime-original one, but I’m looking forward to it given how well they did the Endeavor scene.


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