Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufu wo! (God’s blessing upon this wonderful world!) Episode 8 Review



This picture sums up the majority of the episode. 

Episode 8 of Season 2 of Konosuba opens with Kazuma giving a brief overview of what a Chicken Race is, with Darkness considering nearly being trampled to be foreplay and Kazuma trying to keep her from telling everyone how hot and bothered she’s getting off of it. Of course, the other adventurers at least try to do their job since the monsters keep coming and Kazuma comes up with a plan to deal with them, while dragging Darkness along behind the wagon—literally, I might add. Wiz is there to at least help buy time and Aqua to keep Darkness healthy until they make it to the cave, whereupon Kazuma tosses her like trash to get all of them inside of it and has Megumin blow the cave up, dealing with them all in a single strike.

Afterwards, one of the guys comes up and praises their party for the good job. Kazuma can’t take any joy in it since he feels that it was all their fault. They guilt tripped him so hard he turned down a reward, which is hilarious because it shows he does have a moral compass beyond saving himself and the girls when they inevitably screw up.

After that we get a nice camping scene where Kazuma repairs her armor using his blacksmithing skills, while Aqua entertains their guests. But just when everyone goes to sleep they find that there are zombies about and Kazuma sees it as an opportunity to repay the caravan for accidentally attracting the running kites in the first place by having Aqua exorcise them (nearly taking out Wiz as well). At least until he recalls that Aqua is an undead magnet, so this is their fault too and they can’t accept the reward again.

The next day they make it to the city of water and hot springs, Arcanretia. The city is gorgeous to look at, and Aqua actually knows a lot about it since it’s the city that serves as the home of the Axis Cult, which worships her. Naturally, that last bit bothers Kazuma since he’s heard of their reputation from Vanir and they are immediately beset by a bunch of those guys.

So while they run to find an inn, Wiz is still unconscious and having a dream where she stands across a dark river and on the other side is that dullahan knight, Verdia, who got offed by Aqua last season. He’s basically telling her to come over to his side, namely dying for good. Thankfully, Kazuma pulls her back by using his Drain Touch before we lose the best girl of the series.

Once she’s better, Kazuma and Darkness go looking around the city until they bump into a girl who offers to “repay” Kazuma for helping her. He thinks he’s triggered a romance flag, and judging from that look Darkness is giving him so does she. But no, she’s just an Axis cult member who turns rude when Darkness reveals she’s a member of the Eris faith. This happens a lot more, much to his displeasure and Darkness’ kink, until they run into a little girl who nearly scams him into joining up.

The episode ends as he reaches his breaking point and tears the paper to shreds.

All-in-all, it was an okay episode. I did feel that the Axis members being everywhere grew a bit stale at the end, at least until they nearly faked me out with that little girl. Good job there and with the fact that Kazuma’s group is a bonafide monster magnet.

I also have to say, Darkness looks gorgeous in her new casual clothes. This season has really done a lot for her character, from expanding her personal life to pushing a pairing between her and Kazuma, which I don’t actually mind.

Also, poor Yunyun still gets neglected and it’s really sad to watch. C’mon, just let the girl strike up a friendship with Vanir or something so we don’t have to keep seeing her getting the friendship shaft.

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