Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Season 2) Episode 20 Review


Goddamn you, Julieta! That’s the second time your interference has cost us a badass!

Okay, Episode 45  (or Episode 20 of Season 2) of Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans has aired and the new episode kicks off straight into the action, with Dante and Chad in the middle of their own battle against overwhelming odds. They were outnumbered two-to-one when things began, so they have an uphill battle despite having multiple Gundams on their side. Rustal even makes his strategy to go after the more inexperienced ships first  while Julieta handles the Tekkadan fleet to make the odds ever higher as Orga tries to motivate his men into continuing to fight for the final time, since winning here means they gain everything they want.

Julieta goes out of her way to fight Barbatos and Mikazuki because Rustal ordered her to, intent on finishing her mission. She’s not doing all that well, but she’s managing to stay alive and keeping him distracted. Then Rustal takes a lesson from Iok’s book and frames the revolutionary fleet by using a Dainslef with one of their Graze suits, which gives him the moral high-ground to do the same and they start massacring the fleet.

So now Tekkadan is essentially forced to try and evade them, but several of their ships and Shino get hit. Rustal even explains his reasoning to Iok, who looks up to him while Tekkadan is dealing with their wounded and dead. Shino, despite being hit, gets away with a damaged mech and broken arm, and arms himself with a Dainslef as well so he can go out and change the tide of the battle by taking out Rustal.

So as Tekkadan prepares to go all-in and accelerates into the enemy line, McGillis gets out in Bael and rallies his men into following him. Gaelio calls him a Pied Piper and then goes to fight him, but McGillis’ men throw themselves into the battle so that he could keep going.  McGillis’ fleet still gets lit up by a bunch of Dainslef’s though, so Tekkadan is left on their own to deal with Rustal.

They manage to elude one barrage using a similar strategy to when they attacked Carta initially and Shino manages to get a clear shot at their ship. But he misses when Julieta throws her sword at him, costing him a perfect shot. It’s like the fucking situation with Naze and Amida all over again—he misses by inches and it gets him gunned down as the episode ends.

What can I say about this episode except that Rustal’s a dirty-bastard. What the hell is the point in labeling a weapon illegal if everyone is going to use it? He and Iok are the same, with the exception of being slightly smarter.

It was painful to watch this episode since Shino had his death warrant signed the moment he tried to be a hero. I could see it coming a mile away from how he was chatting with Yamagi. So not only did we lose another senior member of the group who was also comic relief, but all because Julieta got fucking lucky and Mika was a second late in swatting her down like a flea.

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