Fate Apocrypha – Episode 7 Review

Noble Phantasms in this series are a bit… excessive.

The seventh episode of Fate Apocrypha picks up with Kairi getting ready to shoot Fiore, but her brother intervenes to save her. Kairi calls them out on fighting two-on-one, but they retreat once Chiron does and thus bring the fighting to a close for the night to head back to Trifas. Jack the Ripper meanwhile goes back to her Master/Mother, who feeds her the heart of another magus before they decide to head for Trifas too.

We then go back to Joan of Arc investigating the irregularities of the war and Sieg questioning what it means to be free with the man who agreed to take him in. The old man gives him some wise words on the bonds of others and how it’s impossible to be truly free to do what you want, so freedom of thought and accepting responsibility is the true freedom. Sieg doesn’t get it, but is told to think about it and what he truly wishes for while Joan winds up finding the church where Shirou was holed up in and has a revelation that she needs to meet him.

We then get a look into Shirou’s past briefly while sleeping on Assassin’s lap. They’ve relocated to her Hanging Gardens of Babylon along with all the other Servants of the Red to get ready to fight the enemy faction. Caster, Shakespeare, basically opts out to witness the end of the war as a spectator as the castle then takes off into the air as a flying fortress and they go off towards Yggdmillennia’s castle while summoning Dragon Tooth warriors to act as their army.

To counter this frontal assault, Darnic’s forces gathers Berserker of Red , the homunculi, golems, and their Servants. Caules forbids  Berkserker from using her Noble Phantasm before Vlad gives an epic speech to rile his side onwards and the war begins. Sieg then decides on what he truly wants to do and heads out to the battlefield to help the other homunculi with sword in hand as the episode ends.

Wow, looks like we’re approaching that point in the first episode where everyone started fighting in earnest. Everyone is heading towards Trifas for the sake of the fighting, though not on the same agenda. Jack the Ripper is basically going to eat the hearts of the various Magi there, and they don’t really treat her as an ally of the Black Faction.

As for Kairi, even Mordred looks surprised to learn her Master has a bad habit of jacking people’s cars. I do like his character though, with him and Caules being two of my favorites at this point for their relationship with their Servants.

Here’s looking forward to the next episode.


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