Fate Apocrypha – Episode 11 Review

Well, now you know what Zouken felt when you did the same... The eleventh episode of Fate Apocrypha continues the war with Atalanta having led Spartacus to Ruler and leaving her to deal with him as Sieg and Mordred's Noble Phantasms clash.  Both manage to survive the initial blast, albeit with injuries, though its clear … Continue reading Fate Apocrypha – Episode 11 Review


Boku no Hero Academia (Season 2) Episode 22 Review

...You know, this is actually a popular ship...  Episode 22 of Season 2 (or Episode 35 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)  starts with Tsuyu and Tokoyami going against their teacher, Ectoplasm. Their first inclination is to use their respective powers to aid each other in running away from the teacher rather … Continue reading Boku no Hero Academia (Season 2) Episode 22 Review