Konosuba Mid Season Review: All fear the Chunchunmaru!

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With that image in mind, I’m the one tackling the midseason for Konosuba and what a crazy wild ride it has been. It’s been a great season picking up from the last one and as such I’ll be writing this assuming you’ve seen the first season and I’ll try to focus up on the second. While the first episode of the season starts off with our protagonist hauled off to jail, we are shown insight into Aqua’s brilliant escape plans which include the only mage infamous for creating massive explosions to well…create a massive EXPLOSION!

A few failed attempted jailbreaks later, we find our hero and heroines on trial and we have Darkness agreeing to *cough* anything *cough* and the plot continues on to the mansion’s assets all being seized and Kazuma’s execution being stayed until further evidence can be levied against him. Here we meet Marc’s new best girl…

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