The Origins of the Pyromancy Flame (Dark Souls Lore)

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I’m a bit of an oddball and need to know how things work from a lore perspective when it comes to media I like, despite not being exceedingly scientific in nature. Like, in the case of Dark Souls, we have Pyromancies—a form of magic that uses an item called a Pyromancy Flame in order to conjure fire-based.  But, while the game goes into details on the Witch of Izalith being the “Godmother of Pyromancy,” it never really explains where the pyromancy flames you can use come from.

I personally believe that the pyromancy flame is the internal fire that burns within Demons, a species within the series linked to Flame of Chaos, and that pyromancers have learned how to harness, channel, and split the flame so that they can wield it for themselves. I’ll be explaining why I think that and support that…

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Spectacle and Service — Little Witch Academia and the purpose of magic

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diana cavendish floating teapot little witch academia episode 7, little witch academia episode 7 diana cavendish, diana cavendish little witch academia episode 7

How useful is floating a teapot in the air to serve hot tea?

Although both tea and wine have tannins — in varying amounts depending on steep time and prior to separating grape juice from the stems and skins in the case of wine — the former hardly needs to be aerated. Height is not necessary in the pour. And even if it was, a human could do the same with an equal amount of training.

What is the exact purpose of Diana Cavendish floating her teapot over to her teacher other than to pass her exam? Does she offer a service that couldn’t be provided by human hands?

No, she does not. The action is essentially useless.

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Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd Season (Review)

Ohh…. this one. I had a love-hate relationship with this anime because I loved the concept and the characters. In fact, if not for the… unpleasantness with Shouko and Iori that summed up the last few episodes, I would have given it a pretty decent rating myself.

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Here we are with the second season to Kakumeiki Valvrave. When I watched the first season to this anime I was so excited to watch the second season. Well let me tell you that it didn’t disappoint not one bit. This second season aired in 2013 and I stumbled upon this series a year later I think? It’s hard to keep track cause I’ve watched so much anime lol. Haruto and the gang are still fighting Dorssia force, and not to mention they have a lot of unanswered questions.

There still is L-Elf’s past along with his fellow soldiers’ past, and the mysterious girl Liselotte and her fate still seems to be unknown. Oh we also can’t forget the romance and all of Haruto’s relationships. Wait relationships? Why so surprised every story has to have a little romance. Especially if there is a love triangle. Or some anime can have there lovers…

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Zoids: New Century (Review)

This was an old but good one. I think it was back on Toonami where I saw it, but the timeline between it and the other Zoids left me confused.

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nc0_dvd1This is anime was released in 2001 and I think I watched it in sometime in 2002-2004. I know it was in that time frame because I was really young at the time. So this anime was probably my very first Mecha anime that I ever watched. Probably one of the reasons why I like Mecha anime’s so much to this day. I can remember buying the VHS of this series in the dollar store back in the day. In fact, I still have that very same VHS lol.


I also wanted to buy a figurine of LigerZero because he was my favorite from the show. Yes, I still liked some of the other mechas from this anime. Yet Liger was on the very top of that list lol. I think this anime triggered me into liking leopards and tigers and pretty much anything that was cat related lol. I…

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Konosuba Mid Season Review: All fear the Chunchunmaru!

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With that image in mind, I’m the one tackling the midseason for Konosuba and what a crazy wild ride it has been. It’s been a great season picking up from the last one and as such I’ll be writing this assuming you’ve seen the first season and I’ll try to focus up on the second. While the first episode of the season starts off with our protagonist hauled off to jail, we are shown insight into Aqua’s brilliant escape plans which include the only mage infamous for creating massive explosions to well…create a massive EXPLOSION!

A few failed attempted jailbreaks later, we find our hero and heroines on trial and we have Darkness agreeing to *cough* anything *cough* and the plot continues on to the mansion’s assets all being seized and Kazuma’s execution being stayed until further evidence can be levied against him. Here we meet Marc’s new best girl…

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