Fire Force – Episode 14 Recap and Review

The fourteenth episode of Fire Force has come out and brings a conclusion to the long night. What terrors were unleashed by the white-clad upon swallowing the bug? How will Benimaru unsow the seeds of distrust implanted into the people who follow him? Find out in my (late) recap and review.


The fourteenth episode opens with Obi laying out some cold numbers. The number of people who usually take the correct course of action during an unexpected event is about 10%, while the majority are stuck in shock while they try to process things. That’s why they need someone calling the shots, which Benimaru ultimately has to step into the role of doing.

Benimaru originally tries to pass the duty off to Konro, but he flat-out tells him that he needs to man up and take the leadership role. So while he feels he’s only someone who can destroy things, he ultimately decides to address the issue of the face-changing infiltrators by rocketing the tower into the air and yelling that everyone should throw down by  having a fighting festival. And it works as people start beating the crap out of each other rather than run around like headless chickens while the white-clad who turned himself into an Infernal becomes a demon.

The Demon Infernal resembles the one who took Shinra’s brother, leaving him to trip out as his legs suddenly sprout rib cages while Arthur gets manhandled. However, Arrow points out that it wasn’t just him having a mental breakdown, but instead an Adolla Link and he’s meant to exterminate mankind. Of course, then she pulls a Batman and vanishes while the Demon Infernal puts the lightweights down until Benimaru shows up.

Meanwhile, the girls continue searching for the missing twin. It turns out that she basically gave up her clothes in exchange for snacks, but since they didn’t have enough she’s decided to start beating them down too. The two happen to be a pair of pyrokinetics who look like kitsune while transforms, so that subplot is handled.

As for the Demon Infernal, Benimaru can stop his attacks but can’t really harm him unless he uses an excessive amount of firepower. So he takes him into the sky to light him up. Arrow tries to stop Benimaru by sniping him and attempting to stop her causes Konro to hurt himself, but he recalls Shinra’s words and calls out to him. The Adolla Link resonates and Shinra gets the message,

He flies up  like a rocket and breaks the sound barrier before trying to deflect the shot, but Arrow controls her flames well enough that she can keep it on track. That was until Shinra got a heroic moment and managed to send the shot off-course while Benimaru incinerated the demon by making an explosion that resembles a crimson moon. Sure, it took all the firepower that Benimaru could muster, but thanks to that they managed to settle thing for the moment.

The night comes to an end and when morning comes the repairs are well underway, but the white-clads did take the chance to burn down the office the 8th came to Amakusa to investigate. Never let it be said they were stupid.  But because of them the 7th and 8th Squads have forged an alliance as the episode ends.


And with that the arc has wrapped up. And oh boy  did we get a bonanza of information between the Adolla Link, Demon Infernals, and the unveiling of Benimaru’s strongest technique. Where do I even begin?

Well, let’s start with the Adolla Link. As we saw, Shinra started tripping out when the Demon Infernal appeared and the results of never skipping leg day became apparent. Now, while he was unaware of what that was, the cultist knew about it and it basically solidified her opinion that he didn’t belong with the heroes. The reason for that is because of Shinra’s Adolla Flame.

Remember, the last time he was around one of the bugs it started resonating. Here, after the dagger-user swallowed one of the bugs and became a very powerful Infernal, it caused a feedback that he felt this time around. The fact that Arrow mentioned his brother also had the Adolla Link and a Demon Infernal also popped up in his flashback indicates that it was plausible that Shinra’s brother was born with his flames and his connection while Shinra’s only developed after the demon appeared.

Which begs the question of why Konro’s wish could be sent through the Link to Shinra? Remember, these two had never met before today. The only connection they had was two years ago Konro had to put down an Demon Infernal and he paid a high price.  The fact that Benimaru could use a technique of that scale and recover speaks of not only the level of power required, but why he’s considered the strongest Fire Soldier.

Ultimately, things sort of remain in a standstill between the Evangelists and the others. They managed to create another Demon and prevent the 8th from getting information from the office they torched while causing a bunch of chaos. However, they did let it slip that Shinra had an Adolla Link and basically gave away their involvement with what happened in the past, making an enemy of the 8th and giving Shinra another clue as to what happened to his brother.

Where it goes from here is something we’ll figure out soon.

Until next time.

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