Fire Force – Episode 13 Recap and Review

The thirteenth episode of Fire Force has come out and we pick up right after the fight between bad boy Benimaru and Squad 8 was brought to a halt by Konro. As the former goes to check out their alibi, the latter reveals the circumstances as to how he ended up in his current condition. All while the White-Clads scheme to turn the place into a living inferno. What will happen next?

Let’s find out.


The thirteenth episode picks in the aftermath of Konro’s fight with the demon-looking Infernal that appeared.  Benimaru questioned why he wasn’t allowed to fight with him, but Konro pointed out that they couldn’t afford to risk losing him in the fight since he’d be the one to lead them. That’s when the Fire Force finally arrived, specifically Squad 4 with the Captain arriving as well: Soichiro Hague.

He came with the decree that the two of them would be formally inducted into the Fire Force as Squad 7, given they were basically just empowered neighborhood watchmen until then. Benimaru is skeptical despite the fact that joining would get them top-notch gear and funds, but Konro pointed out that if they had the backing of the empire they could have prevented some casualties. If the empire wanted to use them they could exploit them as well.

Konro is still willing to die for Benimaru, but Shinra doesn’t like the thought of anyone throwing their life away in such a matter. So he offered to help him as they went around questioning what happened. It turns out that everyone is arguing amongst themselves and are accusing everyone of doing things that they claimed they didn’t. That immediately throws up red flags with Benimaru.

The situation is made clear when someone imitating one of the twins gets bopped by Arthur and is revealed to be a man whose face was warped and twisted by some kind of ability. We then see that the one responsible is  some kind of 3rd Generation Pyrokinetic named Yona who can use his flames to basically change the shape of someone’s face by using the heat to cause the lymph nodes and blood vessels to swell. Of course, when he makes a mistake he immediately makes the guy’s head pop so you understand just how insane he is even before they reveal their plan to turn Amakusa into a sea of flames again.

Infernals begin to appear with the White-Clads intending to use the distrust and chaos to get them to turn to the faith of Sol, give rise to another demon, find someone else who is compatible with the bugs like the child that Shinra and Tamaki found, and hit the 8th Squad all at once.  The 8th Squad themselves can’t technically lay the Infernals to rest without the 7th’s permission and the people there prefer that Benimaru do that. So they instead decide to help with the evacuation.

That’s when the Sniper tries to kill them. Maki tries to block the shot but it was so strong that she only escaped death by transforming the arrow into one of her little minions that still knocked her down. Arthur and Shinra chase them down, with Shinra being smart enough to realize that they were trying to lure him away, but still goes along with it  as Konro interrogates the man who imitated Hikage to find out what happened to her. The nutbag immediately takes a bug and transform himself into an Infernal, but since he was a worshipper of Sol the 8th Squad had no real issue with killing him.

They then explain they tried to evacuate the people but they wouldn’t listen. Only Benimaru could rally them, but with the chaos going on he’s left questioning what he can do. Konro immediately starts climbing as high as he can to levity that situation somehow.

Meanwhile,  Shinra eats a Sniper’s arrow before nearly getting stabbed. Luckily, Arthur managed to actually break the arrow since he’s pretty strong, but the two immediately start fighting with each other.  The enemy is perfectly willing to use that opening to switch tactics in an actually impressive display of teamwork as one fights up close and creates openings for the Sniper, who has switched to explosive arrows that Arthur can’t block. In light of getting a beating, Shinra  and Arthur decide to  actually get their heads on straight and work together well enough that they push them back, so the Hooded Man tells Arrow (the Sniper) to get away as he ingests a bug.

We then cut to Benimaru as he lays another Infernal to rest before summoning up another flaming broom as the episode ends.


Well things have heated up quite a bit in this episode as  the White-Clads went through with their plan. It wasn’t as simple as you’d think either. There were layers to it in that they tried to accomplish multiple goals at once:

FIrst, at least some of their followers were zealots who worshipped Sol and felt that these people who didn’t were less than human. The White-Clads  intended to cause discord in order to get them to turn to the faith. So while as far as we know they aren’t publicly affiliated with Imperial Church, they’ve got some ties with them there. It also makes the 7th Squad appearing after the last fire and recruiting them even more suspicious.

Second, they were still looking for people who were compatible with the bugs and Amakusa is apparently a power spot considering Konro and Benimaru were both born there. As we learned a little while ago, they were searching for enough people to turn the world into a second sun so if anyone managed to survive Infernalization they’d be one step closer to their goal. And even if they weren’t, one of the people could end up becoming a Demon like the one that crippled Konro.

Last, they still wanted to deal with the 8th Squad since they were getting a little too close to the truth. Shinra himself they wanted to separate because he possesses the Adolla Burst, but the rest they were perfectly willing to kill. And if not for Arthur being actually skilled (if stupid) they may have actually managed to take Shinra.

Arrow and the Hooded Man were both working in sync with one another to the point where they could still push back two 3rd Generations with Shinra and Arthur’s reflexes and power. But despite that once Shinra and Arthur established a battle plan, their weaknesses quickly became exposed. A Sniper who gets caught in close-range is a dead one and the knife-user has to be up close to attack, but he doesn’t have even close to enough flame resistance to ward off a slash from Arthur.

The fact that the Hooded Man ingested a bug and didn’t display any sort of ability indicates he likely wasn’t a Pyrokinetic, but instead of one of the people who were conditioned to basically be a cultist. What kind of Infernal he becomes (or if he’s actually compatible) is up in the air, but I’m looking forward to seeing how they deal with him and how Benemaru handles the chaos going around.

Until next time.

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