Fire Force – Episode 12 Recap and Review

After a two-week delay on the studio’s end, the twelfth episode of Fire Force has come out and for once I’m on time, so let’ so let’s get right into the Recap and Review.


The twelfth episode picks in the aftermath of Benimaru leveling a block for the fallen Infernal, with the people basically having a little festival to mourn the fallen. A number of them are set to work in repairing the homes that were wrecked for the funeral, with Benimaru allowing the residents to stay at the guardhouse until the repairs are finished. The 8th decides to help out with the repairs in order to speed things along and they seem to integrate themselves into the place pretty well. However, the White-Clads are present and naturally decide to intervene by getting a crap-ton of bugs ready for what’s going to be a very  unpleasant evening.

As the sun sets and the rest of the people call it a day, we see Benimaru is tending to Konro due to some severe burns on his back that stopped him from being the current Captain of the 7th. Shinra comes in due to the twins  and after some light dialogue, Konro convinces Benimaru to at least consider cooperating in their investigation. So he goes out looking for Captain Obi to do so.

Shinra is hopeful that this will give them a solid lead since they had to leave Iris behind and left it up to the 5th to handle their district, but naturally things go awry as Benimaru comes across a scene of Obi and Hinawa apparently mentioning how they were intentionally turning people into Infernals.  It’s clearly a White-clad plot, but he doesn’t know that so he buys into it and attacks them. And considering his sheer firepower, they are clearly outmatched and the entire squad has no real choice but to fight since “Might Makes Right” applies here.

He beats all the Fire Soldiers handily until Obi comes back, decked out in his fire equipment. Since he doesn’t have any powers it’s pretty clearly not going to end well for him.  But he still throws in with all his might and payload to try and dampen the flames of Benimaru’s rage and manages to actually land a blow where the others failed. The two Captains continue to beat one another, but Benimaru decides to take things seriously and kill him until Konro steps in to stop him at the cost of burning himself by using his own powers.

After they cool off for a moment and Benimaru decides to go check their alibi, Konro explains how he got so badly burned. In the year 196, they ran into a situation where a bunch of people became infernals at once and Benimaru reached his limit. That’s when a demon-looking Infernal appeared, one strong enough that Konro decided to go all-out as the episode ends.



After that extended break between episodes we get right back into the main plot with the White-Clads attempting to get rid of the 8th by inciting the arguably strongest Fire Soldier in current existence into doing their dirty work.

Let’s be real here, if things kept going at that rate they would have succeeded. Benimaru clearly had trouble trusting outsiders and him giving them the benefit of the doubt only to overhear them talking like that no doubt insulted him on every personal level. That was probably why he wouldn’t settle down until Konro stepped in, even when it was made clear Obi wasn’t the kind of person who would do that through their match, and moved to nuke him.

We also learn more about what happens with a 3rd Generation pushes themselves too far. We know that if they use up the oxygen in their body they have trouble using their powers, but when they ramp up the intensity of their flames beyond their limits, they go so far as to even incinerate their bodies. Tephorsis is the term of the condition, and once you get as advanced of a stage as Konro you’re not capable of using your pyrokinesis without the risk of killing yourself.

The White-Clads more than likely had something to do with the 196 incident as well, considering the sheer amount of bugs they had at present and the fact that for such a case of mass Infernalization to occur can’t just be a coincidence.  But the presence of a demon-like Infernal adds a new card into the mix. It’s clear that Konro won the last time he faced one considering he’s alive, but if it cost him the ability to use his own powers just to eek out a win, what about the others if they show up again?

It was overall a good episode to get back into the swing of things and, with the exception of Tamaki as per usual, I have no complaints.

Looking forward to the next episode.

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