Kvasir’s Recommendations: Warden of Light by Last Order Films

As noted before, I love FFXIV despite the changes the game has made to several of my favorite roles. However, I also acknowledge that I’m not the best player around. With a crapton of different classes, its hard sometimes to learn the best way to play, so I’m grateful for the members of the community who take the time to help out new players.

However, I also have a notoriously short attention-span so I need something that can keep my interest. That’s why I appreciate the Youtube Channel LastOrderFilms, who goes out of their way to make entertaining skits as they outline the different class’ abilities. I do, however, pity them for needing to update all their videos since Shadowbringers decided they were just going to overhaul a good number of the classes.

So take a gander below and if you like what you see spread the word so they get a larger audience.

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