Fire Force – Episode 7 Recap and Review

The seventh episode of Fire Force has come out and the conflict with Squad 5 has come to an end. What information will Hibana bring to the table in regards to the Infernals and what actions will our heroes take next? Find out in my review and recap.


The seventh episode opens with a look inside of the Grand Cathedral as Captain Burns and the other members of Squad 1 discuss the “joint training” exercise between the 8th and 5th. They basically know its fake and Burns thinks that Obi is finally making his move, showing he’s aware of the man’s intentions as we get to see the two squads having that party Iris suggested the next day.  Hibana basically pampers Shinra while the others chow down before telling Obi that while she can’t give him the full support of the 5th squad, she herself will give them her personal support.

That support involves telling Obi just how out of his depth he was since even if he stole the information he wouldn’t be able to grasp it. Of course, since Shinra knocked the evil out of her, she tells them that some cases of human combustion were being intentionally done. Mind you, she’s still vengeful enough that If she finds out that someone was responsible for what happened to the other sisters in the church she was in, they’ll be put to the flames by her hands.

Of course, the investigation will only get harder since all the Infernals that were turned on purpose seemed concentrated around the Shinjuku District, which is Squad 1’s turf. Since they can’t just break into that one like they did the 5th, they’ll have to go undercover. So they plan to use the Rookie Transfer program to send Shinra and Arthur into their ranks under the guise of using it to broaden their perspective, with some backing from Hibana.

So, Shinra, Arthur, and two others from the 2nd and 5th join them as they enter and get berated by one of the members there before going to meet with Burns. The meeting, of course, ends with Shinra wanting to start sparring with Burns. A fact that he wants to use to get answers from him about the incident when he was a child.

So the sparring involves Juggernaut from the 2nd Squad going against Hoshimiya. Juggernaut happens to be afraid of fire, despite the fact that he’s a 3rd generation and capable of launching fire missiles. Of course, all the ones Hoshimiya dodges ends up flying towards the spectators but Karim has the ability of a 2nd Generation to turn fire into ice with musical instruments and it ends with Juggernaut getting a crush on the walking fanservice character.

Then we get Burns vs Shinra and Arthur. Now, Arthur being himself goes in to deliver a cut that can go through steel, only for it to not even scratch him. Arthur is left speechless after he gets blown away and his flames extinguished as a result. Shinra does no better as his kicks all hit with enough force to shake the ground around them, but don’t even make them him flinch before he gets knocked away by the man simply stepping forward.

So they’re immediately humbled before Tamaki nearly has a fanservice moment until Hoshimiya runs interference. They then end up under the care of Karim, whose speech pattern leaves Arthur blanking out as the episode ends.



This review is late, but such is life. The main thing to know is  the episode moves the mystery along in that someone is actively making people into Infernals. Not all of them, mind you. But some of them.

Hibana gave a more concise reasoning for her High Heel Face Turn, in that Shinra’s optimism and heroic ideals punched her out of her mindset of becoming evil to best evil. Its still Shounen, but she’s at least proving invaluable intelligence on where the group needs to go next while crashing at their place.

And despite Shinra beating a captain, it’s perfectly clear that Burns is on a whole different level than Hibana. Like I mentioned before, she’s a researcher first and foremost with her position being due to Hajima basically owning the 5th Squad . She uses science to augment her flames, but she doesn’t have the raw power that others do.

As for Squad 1, we see that compared to the others it is highly religious due to being set in the Grand Cathedral. they don’t use the militaristic salute or wear the uniform, but rather use the prayer gesture and wear vestments. Even their 2nd Generation has more diversity in that instead of manipulating the flames in the same way as Maki and Hinawa does, he uses Thermoacoustic Cooling. He basically turns fire into sound and then sound into ice using a scientific principle, even if him using a bell and trumpet to do it is out of nowhere.

They’ve even got some fleshed out dynamics, such as Hoshimiya catching Tamaki twice to prevent her from fulling her role as the fanservice character (though all of Squad 8s women covered that role earlier), while Hoshimiya notes that Karim has always got his back so he can rush in without worrying. They are a pretty tight group. I’m looking forward to seeing them more as the arc goes on.


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