Fire Force – Episode 6 Recap and Review

The sixth episode of Fire Force has come out, bringing an end to the fight between the two squads as Shinra faces off against Princess Hibana. How will he overcome the gap in power between them? Find out in my review and recap.


The sixth episode opens with Shinra entering the mansion, getting jumped by three more of those angels, and knocking them out like the jobbers they are. Hibana, knowing he’s on his way,  tells Iris to sit back and enjoy the show since in this world its “burn” or “be burned” and she’s in the former camp since she’s a 3rd Generation. Shinra pops in and proclaims that things aren’t going to end up like before… only to immediately get dropped a second time.

Hibana then explains that basically she covered him in heat that makes his blood vessels expand and drop his blood pressure. Like the shounen hero he claims to be, Shinra stands up anyway and claims he’ll destroy that delusion  of hers Kamijou-style. She then proceeds to basically make him crash into the wall using his own speed before creating a burning sakura tree and using the immolating petals to make him writhe in pain.

Iris begs her to stop but Hibana basically goes on a motive rant about how there are no gods or heroes in this world. The only way to survive and find salvation is to climb on top of everyone else  and get rich doing it. This mindset in particular came about because she saw everyone else in the Church along with her and Iris suddenly turn into Infernals, with them only being spared by luck and the fact that she was already a 3rd Generation (and thus can’t turn).

Shinra, hearing this, decides that she is a victim of the flames since they robbed her of something else precious too. Just like he lost his family, she lost her friends.  She makes a crazy face and goes on another rant until he basically cuts loose with his own flames and gives her the good, old-fashioned Imagine Breaker punch to the face. Touma would be proud.

He hits her so hard that she goes back to a memory of creating differently colored flame flowers for the other sisters by using the power of SCIENCE to change the composition of the flames. Iris found the sight of them incredibly beautiful even as she watched them from a distance until Hibana drew her out, but warned her not to touch them since they are still flames. The happy memory then turned to a painful one when she recalled the other sisters burning and decided that her gift wasn’t from God, but the power itself was the devil and as one who has the power she should act the part.

We then get a brief glimpse into her rise to power before waking up to see Shinra and Iris comforting her. Shinra’s declaration of protection ends up leaving her blushing and now infatuated with him, as with all female victims of the Imagine Breaker punch. So she immediately surrenders and makes Iris flowers for Iris, despite lacking the same chemicals she had the last time.

That resolved, they leave to see that Shinra’s group basically leveled the rest of Squad 5. Since they have to explain this mess to the higher-ups, Hibana covers their tails by stating they’ll declare it a joint-exercise/dinner party. Meanwhile, Obi has finally finished getting ready go to war only to learn that the fighting is over now.

Poor guy. Guess he’ll have to save that pile bunker for next time.


…You know, for all the hype, Hibana went down like a chump. I mean, I get why. Shinra can casually kick a car, while her trick was basically making you get low blood pressure and shapeshifting flames into flowers (that’s not very effective against someone with high flame tolerance). It’s pretty clear she got to her position because she bribed her way in due to her research and he’s a pure action hero, so when brains fail brawn prevail.

It’d probably be more appropriate to label the episode something of a character study as it basically gives you context to the ED and why Hibana turned into a dominatrix. In gist, Hibana was an orphan taken into the Church and while she wasn’t devout, she was still friendly with Iris and the other nuns. So when everyone else who was far more pious than she was died burning and in pain it pretty much took a sledgehammer to her sanity until Shinra took a second one to her face.

Honestly, it’s an okay episode when you look at it through that lens. It’s still gorgeous to look at and let it also be known that tiny Iris was adorable. But, it was completely shounen there with how it got resolved.

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