Fire Force – Episode 5 Recap and Review

The fifth episode of Fire Force has come out and, as per usual, I will provide my review and recap.


The fifth episode  opens with a scene of Iris recalling a memory of her past when she saw a beautiful display of flowers made of fire, crafted by Hibana back when they were both Sisters. But the happy memory ends with a scene of flames that leaves her in tears, which Shinra notices when he catches her in the midst of cleansing herself and asks if anything was troubling her. She denies it before wishing him well and then departing.

Then we get another as scene with the various quirks of Squad 8 on display as Obi explains they may have to face-off against Squad 5 in the future.  We then get an explanation of Hinawa’s 2nd generation power in that he can control the strength of explosions in guns, allowing for him to use a real gun in battle with non-lethal force.  The lieutenant then gives exposition on how Hibana probably knows about the cause of human combustion since she probably rose through the ranks by  selling data on Infernals, so they’re going to try and get that.

We then cut to the Hibana torturing the Infernal from last episode for science, just in case you didn’t get that she has a few screws loose. Iris remains blissfully unaware of that side of her, but finds out when she decides to go to Squad 5’s headquarters on her own. It ends up with her being stripped down, ranted on about how her faith is misplaced, and left to be used as bait in order to lure Squad 8 to them.

Of course, Squad 8 was already heading there to get Iris back since Shinra figured that she would head there thanks to some introspection about seeing her smile strained. So while he goes in through the front and searches for her, the others cut their way in since it isn’t like they can file an official report given all the shady stuff they did. So they’re raiding Squad 5 in an all-out assault.

We then get what would be a horror show of a massacre if the lieutenant wasn’t controlling the force of his shots as he basically guns down everyone. Then he and Maki run into that Fire Soldier who insulted Obi last episode and he tries to blow them up with bubbles, but he gets laid out with a trick shot that involved ricocheting the bullets off the ground and using the sparks to redirect them. The Angels that follow afterwards get wasted by Maki off-screen, so they were nothing special either.

Meanwhile, Arthur tries to follow Shinra’s footsteps but runs into the Infernal from before after he was given a drug to enhance his power. The stupidity of the moment reaches its apex when he’s getting wailed on, only to realize he was holding his sword with the wrong hand. The moment that gets corrected, he one-shots the guy.

Last we Shinra arriving at the manor where Iris and Hibana are awaiting him for the final showdown.





Right, so this episode is basically just a large curbstomp showing the power difference between Squad 5 and Squad 8. There was literally no challenge that wasn’t self-imposed on Squad 8’s behalf, by which I mean Arthur being stupid. And even then he basically still resolved the matter without really being in danger.

However, outside of the one-sided action, we did get to see some little introspection into the characters. For example, Shinra noticing that Iris’ smile was strained would be something he’d notice given how often his smiles were nervous or strained. And Hibana being more than a little deranged reminded me of Soul Eater in more ways than one.

As far as adaptations went, it was pretty on-point with the manga. There were some differences, such as when she stripped Iris it was done in front of her subordinates who she immediately told not to ogle since her body was too pure for them. But that was a good change as far as I’m concerned because it added to the drama rather than a comedy scene.

But I’d have to say that it was mostly a flat-episode leading into what will be a battle between the Captain of Squad 5 vs Shinra.  That should be where the meat of things is.

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