DanMachi Movie: Arrow of Orion – Review

So, I just saw the Dan Machi Movie Arrow of Orion, which has Bell Cranel along with his friends journeying out of Orario in order to fulfill a quest established by Artemis.  The timing of the movie’s release was actually fairly well, considering the second season just started, so I’ll do a quick review of it.


The plot is relatively simple. During a festival our boy Hermes comes up with an event where the guy who draws out the spear from stone will win a trip around the world. Of course, Bell naturally draws it and earn the attention of Artemis, who explains the weapon and its wielder are needed to complete a quest that will take them beyond the walls of Orario. However, there’s more to the story than she’s telling and soon the stakes go from a simple quest to an almost world-ending event that Bell naturally has to resolve.

Now, because its a movie you already know how its going to end. Due to the fact that it takes place sometime after he becomes Level 2 and the stakes being so high, Bell literally can’t afford to fail so things will naturally return to the way they were prior. But surprisingly the ending of the movie veers right into a twist I wasn’t really expecting and results in a very touching moment.

The cast of characters are all those who have been introduced and with one new addition in the form of the Goddess who refers to Bell as her Orion, which means his harem grows yet again. I can’t really say much more about her because, despite the movie feeling thirty minutes longer than it needed, she’s a rather straightforward character that only exists in the movie so she doesn’t have the necessary foundation to have the depth of some of the other characters.

I think there was also some missed opportunities to explore what culture is like outside of Orario for once. The city of Adventurers is a different beast compared to the rest of the world. But since the focus was on building the bond between Bell and Artemis to drive home the impact of what happens in the end, the focus of the story is largely on that. Though the surprising implication of what the Knife of Hestia is also capable of also gives me some ideals of where it can go by the end of the main story.

The animation and music were okay, but nothing memorable and the CG was bad at times. Not as bad Arifureta (I don’t even like the series and still think the anime adaptation is an insult to their fans) but still pretty weird. I think the monsters would have been better in 2D ultimately.

Final Thoughts

To be perfectly honest, I can’t really say that the movie did anything special aside from being more of the same. Thus, if you legitimately want to skip it then feel free, but if you want more Dan Machi enjoy. Let it be a warm-up before you dive into the second season.

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