Rising of the Shield Hero: The Villain Problem

Okay, Episode 22 is out and if you’ve seen any of my previous posts, you know where this is going. So let’s skip the pleasantries and start with a simple question:

Why is Myne not dead or in a prison cell?

You see, in today’s episode our disgraced villain decided that she was going to poison the food meant for Naofumi’s party, only for her sister to intercept and use the slave seal on her. But when this information was brought to the attention of her mother and Naofumi, they essentially brushed it under the rug.

This moment highlights a major flaw within the show because last episode they took out whatever teeth anime!Naofumi had to convince us that letting Myne and the King live with stupid names would be better than putting them to the sword. In the other adaptations, he had to be talked down from killing them rather than the queen putting on a stupid act and hoping he’d stop it or beg for their lives with hers. I had never agreed more with Naofumi in those adaptations because their crimes were serious enough that it merited death and I would need cold, logical facts for sparing them.

The King taking all four heroes nearly started a war for damn good reasons. More so when he specifically picked one out to screw over due to issues in his own past. I could excuse taking all four to secure military power, but when you intentionally dick over one of those assets for petty reasons and jeopardize the lives of your own citizens you can get the guillotine. The only reason I’d even consider sparing him would be because he’s supposedly a master tactician, but he’d never see the throne room a day in his life again.

As for Myne, in the last dozen episodes she’s attempted to kill her younger sister, usurp the throne, level unreasonable tax rates, and act as an accomplice to her father’s incompetence in general. One of those alone would have gotten someone with less of station executed, or at least locked in her room for the rest of her life.  Yet, no one seems to think that allowing her to do as she pleases is a mistake because they aren’t taking her seriously.

If this show had any balls at all it would have had that poison at least hit Raph or Filo. It wouldn’t take much to even handwave that they didn’t die but just got sick because of it due to poison resistance. But at least that way there would be some ramification to them not dealing with a threat permanently instead of making light of a serious attempt to kill Naofumi, who even threatened the king when he entertained the thought of taking away his companions after the last wave.

I still don’t get why people were even close to satisfied with anything from last episode. Sure, Myne and her father got called out on their bullshit and had their reputations trashed. But they can still cause problems and now that they know Naofumi didn’t have the guts to let them die, they don’t even have to stop or change themselves. At this point, if she actually does screw them over, it’s solely on them for not learning their lesson.

There was also the issue of the Queen praising Naofumi by stating everyone other than him would die in the next wave because of the beating Glass gave them. But I’ll remind her that Glass had Naofumi dead to rights as well. She actually was going to kill him, not them, until time ran out and he’s the Tank character who should have the highest HP and Defense.

If the issue is a matter of levels then Naofumi is still the one who’s behind the curve, not them. If its stats, Naofumi’s Slave-User and Monster-Tamer shields gives direct ability to allocate his party’s stats rather than how it normally would work. So the only reason for them not to be able to do the same is literally because they don’t have slaves or monsters in their party, which ironically gives them higher ground in terms of morals.


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