Kvasir’s Recommendations: The Difference Between Good and Bad Isekai – An Analysis

Right, so the new season of anime is out and I don’t see anything worth reviewing, so I thought instead I would post videos on the topic of anime, light novels, and manga that deserve more views.

Since Shield Hero is out I figured we’d start with Isekai. Now, while I still have a ton of issues with the series (mostly the execution rather than the controversy) that I don’t hesitate to let others know on the forums, I thought I’d post a video in the defense of what it does right. Because I do actually like some aspects of it, I just don’t like how they were handled.

So we have a youtube channel that is less than a year old by a person named Lafalle. I haven’t watched his other content, but this one did impress me and I feel that it deserves a watch. Be beware minor spoilers for anime-onlys:


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