Goblin Slayer Episode 11 Review

The armies march and clash.

After a brief break (I know there was a recap episode, but it makes no sense for me to do a recap of a recap), we return to Goblin Slayer for the penultimate episode that will close out the first and hopefully not the last season of the anime. In the face of overwhelming odds, what will our hero do?  Find out in  my  Recap and Review  Goblin Slayer Episode 11!


The episode opens with  our hero plainly telling his childhood friend that she needs to run because their very quaint little farm was about to be taken by an entire army of Goblins who want to use the place as a stronghold to attack the town soon. Remember, as few as fifty are enough that they would be bold enough to attack a village like the one they’d lived in prior, so a farm with only a few people living in it will be overrun in the blink of an eye. He can’t win against the numbers he counted, especially not with a Goblin Lord in the lead, on an open battlefield.

Despite hearing that he can’t do anything, she decides not to run because she knows he will stay behind to fight even if he can’t win. He warns her outright that she won’t just die, they’ll break her from the inside out. But she refuses since he’ll lose his home again and they’d lose everything.

This basically forces him to go to town and ask for help from the other Adventurers, which he never does normally. But the moment they hear the numbers and a Goblin Lord, they start getting nervous until Spearman points out they don’t do anything for free. At this point, High Elf Archer is willing to go down and berate them while Guild Girl runs out and Goblin Slayer offers everything he has. The only thing he won’t give them is his life since if he dies Cow Girl will cry.

This alone is enough to get Spearman and Witch  to help him against the horde for the price of a drink.  HEA and her group will also help out so if he comes with her on a real adventurer and food for the others. Now, six Silver Rankers is good, but to make sure that they have enough backup Guild Girl talked her bosses into offering a gold coin for every goblin you can kill.

Since entire goblin quests are lucky if they pay more than three gold coins, one gold for every goblin has everyone  sign right up for that. That also includes Heavy Warrior, who apparently had his village saved by GS in the past but couldn’t help for free. Even the sewer rookies sign up, so he has an army of adventurers backing him now.

That night the adventurers set of a defensive perimeter as the Goblins gather and report to their leader, who rallies them with a speech in goblin tongue. Then the attack begins as the Goblins come out with meat shields of women who had been beaten, raped, and stripped down. Fortunately, they promptly fall over asleep as Witch and Dwarf Shaman use their magic so they can save the women. That done, the archers start sniping the Shamans and give the rest the all-clear to start murdering the little bastards wholesale.

Lancer and Lizard Priest have their fun, protected by arrows because of Witch’s spell, when Goblin Riders show up. A pair of scouts signal for the adventurers to get into position and they wait for them to get close enough before they pop spear walls to impale them. As the others continue the mopping up, the Rookie Warrior ends up nearly getting killed if not for the armor he was smart enough to buy beforehand and it gets mentioned they planned all this using GS’s information.

That’s when the weak Goblins take a step back and they run into Hob Goblins and a pair of Goblin Champions. The veterans step up to deal with them while the rookies hang back. With all but one of them accounted for, the question that comes to mind then is where GS is during all of this?

That question is answered when we  see him cutting off the Goblin Lord’s escape, covered in blood, as the episode ends.


So this episode covers Chapter 11 – 13  of the manga, with some trimming due to time constraints. While I don’t like the fact they cut out most of the explanation behind the Goblin Lord’s planning, which explains the threat he presents, there’s still the possibility of his backstory coming up next episode. So we’ll side-step that issue for now and get into it.

In this episode there are two parts: the preparation and the battle.

The preparation largely serves to show how Goblin Slayer acknowledges his own shortcomings in that he is not a hero. He stood no chance against the entire horde on this sort of battlefield and he knew it. Mind you, he fully intended to deal with them by himself and without help if Cow Girl didn’t stay.

You see, Goblin Slayer is fine with dying so long as its only him dying to kill Goblins, as we’ve discussed.  She knew that, which is why she said that she wouldn’t leave despite knowing what would happen to her. She basically forced him to go get help so that he wouldn’t kill himself by doing it alone.

Now, out of his element, Goblin Slayer goes to ask for help and doesn’t seem to be making progress until Spearman points out Adventurers need a reward to face off against any threat. The fact that he was willing to offer everything made it clear he was serious, and since Spearman is a bro he only asked for a drink in return. Because, despite his showboating, he really is a good person and the two have known each other since they started on the same day.

To even the odds a little more, Guild Girl goes to her boss and explains the situation. It was all she could do, but because of it she managed to convince them to offer a substantial reward, which drew in the rest. This is a case of two people who’ve known him for some time helping him where he himself isn’t capable because of his lack of social skills.

The battle itself is pretty much on point. The Goblins make a move and the adventurers instantly shut them down because their plans are an open book to GS. He only lacked the manpower to do these things himself, but there’s a reason he’s a specialist.

Overall it was a fine episode to lead into the final one. While I do have some gripes because the Goblin Lord should get some depth to him and make him seem like a bigger threat than the champion who bodied GS a few episodes ago, we still have another episode to go. Even if it isn’t as hype as I want it to be, I’ll look forward to it regardless.

Unless they completely screw it up, but they couldn’t possibly do that at this point… right?


Differences in Adaptation

The first half is largely loyal to the manga, with the exception of GS telling Priestess that he has a plan and that she would be the key to it working. The second half is when they don’t add in a lot of details to give you the scope of the threat as you see the Goblin Lord speaking and using actual strategy during the battle:

  • To rally them, the Goblin Lord brings up how Adventurers destroy their nests and now they would return the favor before building a Goblin Kingdom, but first they’d take the farm to use as a stronghold.
  • The Meat Shield was meant to stop the adventurers from using offensive magic or arrows because then they’d kill the women, who were the ones who could no longer give birth after they were used up.
  • The Riders are cavalry, meant to scatter their forces by flanking them on the right and left due to their mobility.
  • The Hobs and Champions are meant to be trump cards that he’d given every advantage in terms of gear, but he never expected them to win at that point (remember, the farm wasn’t the main target but the town was and they’d already lost their foot soldiers) so he opted to run.
  • As he runs, he wonders how everything got screwed up and how they saw through his plans while recounting how he came that far and how he planned to go back to his nest and use the women still there to rebuild their numbers and go back to try again later.
  • Witch doesn’t initially cast Sleep, but another random does along with Dwarf Shaman. I’m okay with this change.
  • Spearman doesn’t initially join in on the attack on the Hobs and Champions, opting to take a break. Here, they had Witch do so, but I’m okay with it.

2 thoughts on “Goblin Slayer Episode 11 Review

  1. “and since Spearman is a bro he only asked for a drink in return.”

    What’s that a fantastic moment?

    Of course, Goblin Slayer is Goblin Slayer, so he’s always honest and earnest. But he was even more so (if that’s possible) in this episode!


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