Goblin Slayer Episode 10 Review

…And here we go…

The Water Town arc has come to a close and we approach the final arc of the Season. What awaits Goblin Slayer and his group upon their return to the nice little frontier town where they operate from? Come find out in  my  Recap and Review  Goblin Slayer Episode 10!


The episode opens with another look at the Heroine getting ready to face off against a Demon Lord with some of her friends, while Goblin Slayer narrates how he wanted to be an adventurer growing up. Not any ordinary adventurer, but a true hero like the Heroine. Obviously this didn’t quite work out as we cut to the present and find him in the wagon heading back to his town.

After the opening we go back to that argument GS had with Cow Girl as a child and see how it went from his point of view. His sister guessed he was jealous that she got to go to the city while he didn’t and tells him he should protect girls, while not envying others because it’ll made you into a Goblin. Obviously this is a child’s tale and we get another moment of her being an awesome big sister before Goblin Slayer wakes up as an adult.

We then get a gorgeous panning shot of the farm before he goes out without his armor to check for any signs of Goblins. Once he’s sure there’s none, he sits  down to have breakfast with the others before heading into town to help with the deliveries and get his gear repaired. Spearman meets him at the guild, not recognizing him without the armor, and tells him if its money he’s after he should head to the capital since there’s a lot of the Demon Lord’s army left around to kill. GS obviously refuses, but when he mentions that Spearman should go, he basically points out he’s fine where he is because he’s protecting Guild Girl.

After learning there are no Goblin Quests, he goes to get his gear and learns that there aren’t any more magic scrolls, so no cheesing the next threat with a water blade. Heavy Warrior and Female Knight are training up the rookies since most of them are self-taught, while Priestess runs into Goblin Slayer and Guild Girl learns about him nearly dying. That causes her to remember the bed scene as Guild Girl gives him a letter from Water Town, most likely from Sword Maiden.

Then his party and friends all go out to eat at the same time, with Cow Girl feeling a little out of place.  But they assure her this is fine and we learn that the Demon Lord has been killed by the Heroine. We also learn about the Harvest Festival and they share a drink before bringing up the idea of a training hall for newcomers to improve their survival rates.

After that, we skip to the next day when Goblin Slayer reads Sword Maiden’s letter. She basically states that since their little talk, she’s been able to sleep far more peacefully and thanks him from the bottom of her heart. She also reiterates that the Heroine beat the Demon Lord and she’ll be praying for him.

Another time skip and we see Dwarf Shaman and High Elf Archer having a drinking contest while the other adventurers watch on and gamble on the winner. While all that is going on, Cow Girl and GS spend some private time in a field alone and she basically throws her hat into the ring of being the girl who he gets with in the end.

Of course, all of that is ruined by the next day when GS goes on his daily patrol and discovers a crapton of Goblin footprints as the episode ends.





So this episode covers Chapter 10 of the manga, or at least the parts they didn’t already cover (Priestess’ promotion and the promise to go on an adventure with HEA) and they really devote themselves to it.

I mean, in the manga you only get a passing mention of his sister making stew, whereas here we get to see how it affected him and how kind she was. Which only serves to make your heart ache when you remember she’s got Dead Mom Hair and a little while later Goblins laid waste to his village and her. Good job, anime. You hit me in the heart again. Kudos.

That being said, because they moved the contents of the aftermath of the Ogre fight to here, there are some inconsistencies. We know for a fact that Priestess was healed by Sword Maiden in that little ritual, so there was no need for additional magic to heal her while Goblin Slayer’s injuries were also minimal in the final fight. They also added in some additional scenes like the meal between all of Goblin Slayer’s friends and the Heroine killing the Demon Lord, but it’s fine overall.

The whole point was to show he’s getting more friends and life experience outside killing the evil little bastards. The levity brought about by the end of the Demon Lord, the community the adventurers have with each other, all of that was shown in this episode so we as the audience will know that the Goblins are coming to screw it all up. Even when things look good, these little bastards never take a break. .

This episode marks the beginning of the final arc and the close of anime, though I’m holding out for Season 2 with all the foreshadowing,  and it does its job well.

Watch it and get ready for a ride.


Differences in Adaptation

Here’s some difference between the manga and the anime:

  • The scene with the heroine never happens in the manga as far as I can tell, considering that she’d be about 5 years old around the time the Demon Lord was first defeated with Sword Maiden. This is likely due to them screwing around with the timeline so that it only just happened.
  • The scene with him eating stew and breakfast were expansions to what was mentioned in passing. I liked them though.
  • Spearman brings up in the manga that the Demon Lord was being resurrected, but meets Goblin Slayer in the Blacksmith’s place. His reasons are still the same for not going though, and he mentions he doesn’t hate guys who are stoic (remember, his beef with GS is that Guild Girl likes him).
  • Guild Girl is the one who arranged for the training hall because she wanted more adventurers to come back alive, and she’s paying out of her own pocket.

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