Goblin Slayer Episode 9 Review

He can’t understand how she feels, but he will come when she calls for him.

The ninth episode is out now and we head into the final confrontation with the Goblin Champion and his horde. What is the connection between it, the Beholder, and the mirror that the creature of Chaos was protecting? All will be revealed in my  Recap and Review  Goblin Slayer Episode 9!


With the Beholder slain, our group takes a look at what it was protecting in that chapel. It turned out to be a seemingly normal mirror until Priestess touches it, causing the surface to ripple and display… what else but Goblins, making their own crafts and society. That’s right, it’s a direct link to the world where the Goblins are coming from, possibly the Green Moon due to how big the red one looked.

The artifact turns out to be a Gate mirror that can link the worlds together, like a two-way version of the scroll he used earlier. They reason that someone summoned the Goblins using the mirror and armed them for some reason, but  that takes a backseat when they learn the Goblins and Champion from before are coming towards them due to the explosion. GS takes a look around and remembers the wisdom of his master before declaring this won’t even be a problem.

With Goblins on the way, they fortify their position and arm themselves with the supplies they find. HEA has a moment of weakness, but steels herself as they go over a battle-plan to make use of the remaining number of spells they have. There are benefits to having three spell-casters in a party after all.

Then the assault begins. The Goblins are sniped via arrows and slings while a Dragontooth Warrior remains to protect the girls from archers armed with poisoned arrows. Priestess acts as a spotter and Lizard Priest tries to get the mirror free from its stand by using a spell to buff himself up.

Then the Goblin Champion arrives and Goblin Slayer goes out to kill it while facing off against the smaller ones, luring it into whittling down their numbers even more. When they eventually get the mirror free,  he has Lizard Priest and the Dragontooth Warrior prop it up so that the others can get under it. Then he has Dwarf Shaman bring down the ceiling and Priestess blind the Goblins so that they get buried beneath several tons of rubble. Everyone else is spared by the mirror, killing two birds with one stone.

As pointed out though, this only worked because they were outside of the city. Of course, when GS points out he did exactly as HEA said without water, fire, poison, and explosions, he incurs her wrath. She kicks him down a cliff in what can only be described as the ‘anvil’s betrayal’ and I’m sure the fandom are going get on her case about that.

Anyway, back with Sword Maiden,  Goblin Slayer goes to her after the job is done and asks her if she knew everything, pointing out the inconsistencies with her story.  She pretty much confesses that the Alligator was her familiar, which she used to protect the sewers  from all threats while the Heroine dealt with the real threat, minions of the Demon Lord who survived Sword Maiden’s group dealing with him ten years ago.

However, even though they were dealt with, Sword Maiden couldn’t deal with the Goblins due to her trauma from the past where they put torches to her eyes and raped her. The sect planned to use them for revenge against her, likely destroying the city that she was supposed to be watching over, and she couldn’t get help because she was a Gold Rank adventurer.

She then asks what he’s going to do with her, but he has no intentions of doing anything except listening to her. So she explains that she just wanted people to understand how terrifying the Goblins were, but in the end no one did. She tries to give GS the mirror because he would understand, but he reveals he already encased it in concrete and dropped it in the waters of the sewers just in case the Goblins managed to work out how to use it.

She tries to ask him if anything changed, but in the end nothing did. He knows what she went through, but can’t understand her. Even so, he does offer to kill any Goblins she encounters again, even in her dreams, which is enough to offer her some relief and bring her to tears.

That done, the group departs from Water Town the next morning. The group recounts that despite the bad, they had fun and gained more out of it than they lost. So it was fine.

Goblin Slayer even wants to try making Ice Cream and invites his group to share it with them, which is progress on his end. He even invites HEA, on the condition that she doesn’t kick him again.



So this episode covers the second half of Chapter 26 through 29 of the manga. Again, to fit in so much content they had to trim down the battle, but with three episodes remaining and one last major arc to cover they don’t have a choice.  I’ll just say to read the manga if you want more goblin slaying in its epicness.

Anyway, this episode brings the Water Town arc to a close. The heroes prevail, the goblins are slain, and they all walk away with more to show from it. The biggest things to take away from it where near the end however.

The first thing to note is that Sword Maiden knew about who was really behind those Goblins being in the sewers. It was minions of the Demon Lord, the ones we presumably watched get slaughtered by Heroine in the opening minutes of the last episode. They were dealt with by her, so all that was left was to clean up the mess they made, which was what Goblin Slayer’s group was called in for.

Goblin Slayer had some really good moments here that exposed more about him that should be noted.

First, he states he is not an adventurer. He knows about them, but he isn’t one. The reason he says this is because, while he dreamed of being an adventurer as a child, he lost that dream to become someone who only kills Goblins.  High Elf Archer wants to fix this after their run in with the Ogre, which is why she tries to take him on an adventure, but for him he’s not an adventurer. He just kills Goblins like an exterminator.

Second, he doesn’t understand Sword Maiden. She was victimized and carries a fear that won’t go away, while GS saw his sister and neighbors victimized and can never let go of his anger. So he knows what she went through, but can only feel anger and not the same kind of fear she did. The best thing he can do for her is tell her if there are Goblins, he’ll kill them. He can offer her no other comfort.

They’re both broken people, but in different ways.

Sword Maiden is powerful and she earned her gold rank. But the incident when she was Priestess’ age left her scarred and terrified to the point that she couldn’t bring herself to go down to those sewers and live up to her name as an angel of the Supreme God on them.  Priestess very narrowly averted this fate because Goblin Slayer was there for her, but Sword Maiden wasn’t that lucky.

Goblin Slayer, on the other hand, is largely powerless outside of his imagination and the tools he can get his hands on. But he can only feel a raw, seething hatred of Goblins that’s so pure it may as well be holy. He’ll never killing them. He’ll stop hunting them until the day he dies unless something changes.

He cannot save her, or heal her in the way she initially wanted. It just so happened that even saying that, letting her know that he’ll kill them, offered her some relief. Because as she pointed out, someone of her rank would never be seen as needing help in dealing with something like Goblins and she has an image to uphold, so her trauma has been left to fester.

Him telling her that he’ll come to her help when no one else would makes him precious to her.

As for the battle itself… it was more epic in the manga. I know they have to cut stuff out, so I can’t hold that against them too much, but after I railed on Sword Oratoria about how they fucked up Aiz’s battle against the Undead King, I kind of have to mention that.

Mind you, it wasn’t as bad as that, but it left an impression that I can’t help but say ‘read these chapters of the manga’.

Other than that, it was a fine episode to close things out as we move into the final arc. Here’s hoping it lives up to what it should.


Differences in Adaptation

Here’s some difference between the manga and the anime:

  • The mirror shows a more desolate looking place where the Goblins are working using tools made from what look to be the bones of humans.
  • The mirror also shows a previous place that GS’ party went, but since they cut that out of the adaptation it was naturally skipped.
  • The flag of the eye was to symbolize they intended to get revenge on Goblin Slayer for it, and since there are three entrances they have to make better use of what they have to defend them.
  • To correct the fact that they didn’t have Priestess fail to use Protection due to Dispel, they have Priestess declare she has one spell left instead of two. Same with Dwarf Shaman having two instead of three.
  • The Dragontooth warrior is given a shield to protect the girls as well, and blushes when they compliment it. I don’t know how a skeleton blushes, but its adorable.
  • Dwarf Shaman is made aware of GS’ plan ahead of time when they were setting things up, even going so far as to confirm it would work, but purposely keeping it from the others so that they wouldn’t worry.
  • Goblin Slayer also arranged various weapons around the room so that when they need to buy more time he goes all-in and starts murder-blending the Goblins in a way you just have to see. It’s like artwork, going from one kill to another. Go read chapter 27.
  • The Goblin Champion’s thoughts are on display, showing it was constantly in pain and wanting to kill Goblin Slayer, which explains why he was so easy to coax into killing the other Goblins.
  • Priestess helping Lizard Priestess motivates him even more because if a little girl is giving it everything she’s got, he’s doing his ancestor a disservice by not pulling his own weight.
  • Goblin Slayer nearly falls as Priestess blinds the Goblin Champion while both are running towards her on his orders, due to taking a blow in the back from some rubble. She and High Elf Archer catch him before he does and the ceiling comes collapsing down.
  • It’s daytime when Goblin Slayer goes to talk to Sword Maiden instead of nighttime, and Sword Maiden’s explanation is a lot clearer in the manga.
  • Sword Maiden can also take control of her familiar and share their senses, so she usually goes into the bath when she does so to wash away the feeling of the rain and scent and flush of battle
  • The evil sect were planning revenge and knew what happened to her, so they called in Goblins to play on her trauma. They were the ones killing the women around the town for a ritual, but since the Heroine killed them somewhere else that just left the Goblins to do their own thing.
  • The Heroine killed the evil sect’s leader right after Goblin Slayer destroyed the Altar, transforming into a larger monster while railing about how his plans got screwed over.

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