Goblin Slayer Episode 8 Review

…You know, nothing sexual happened, but someone is going to rule 34 this scene within a week.

The eighth episode is out now and we head into the immediate aftermath of the battle against the Goblin Champion. It’s pretty obvious that Goblin Slayer didn’t die, because the series has a nice and growing collection of Light Novels so it was clearly a fake out. But, leaving that aside, let’s see how the group recovers from that beating they took as we Recap and Review  Goblin Slayer Episode 8!


When we last left off, Goblin Slayer was down for the count as White Fox pulled a Re:Zero ending that somehow got botched by the streaming services.

To that end we open with a flashback to his youth, where we find the source of that voice telling him to die doing something useful. It was his Master, who we get to see here be emotionally and physically abusive to someone who just lost his family and village. Even so, he gives some solid advice: the moment you decide to do something and act on it, you win.

Then we cut back to Goblin Slayer in the present, his never shown as his toned body is otherwise on full display. And Priestess is in the bed too. Naked. Turns out she and Sword Maiden shared the bed with him all night to activate a miracle called Resurrection.

We get Sword Maiden’s backstory as well here. About 10  years ago she got caught by goblins in a cave and… well, again you watched the show to this point, I don’t have to spell it out. Needless to say, Sword Maiden is still terrified of the green bastards and basically hits on Goblin Slayer to ease her fears, to no avail.

Then Priestess wakes up and they get dressed. Priestess asks him if he’s pushing himself since he seems different (again, the adaptation cut some things) but he denies it while the rest of the party comes into the room. They basically decide to celebrate their survival by keeping their promise to eat together.

Then, as the other Silver-rankers head off to explore while leaving GS and Priestess to get their gear repaired, Priestess makes her move for Best Girl position. First by trying to coax him into speaking more than one-word when he answers. Then by telling him that she wants to preserve the chain-mail she got because it was the first thing he complimented her on.

After they get their gear fixed, we learn that Ice Cream exists in this world. Priestess nabs them both some and GS questions the guy on the method he used to make it. Afterwards they talk about his past and his sister, which leads to her reaffirming that helping him is what she wants to do.

Then their date gets interrupted by Witch and Spearman. They came to bring him the things he ordered through that letter he sent out a day ago. It’s basically very fine flour and he intends to use it to kill Goblins.

Back with Cow Girl, her uncle talks about the fact that one day he won’t come back if he keeps it up. To be fair to the guy, it was a close call so he isn’t entirely wrong. But Cow Girl works to maintain her position in the Best Girl race by stating that he will come back since their home is important to them both, and she’d always wait for him to come back.

Then back to the party as they run into a Beholder that can Disintegrate and Dispel magic if they enter the room. Fortunately, they resolve that issue by having HEA distract it, Dwarf Shaman put it to sleep, and Goblin Slayer spread all that fine powder in the room while Priestess seals off it. The moment the eye tries to use Disintegrate on the Dragontooth warrior that was left inside, it creates a powder explosion pretty much one-shots it.

HEA is upset because it was an explosion, but the alternative was them camping outside  of the room and having her cheese it to death. So I consider it a fair trade-off. Then they discover a magic mirror that ripples as the episode ends.



So this episode covers Chapter 24-25 and the first half of 26 of the Manga, and it wasn’t bad. Not bad at all. Sure, they trimmed down on some things because of how it was adapted, but its expected.

First let me say that Sword Maiden looked amazing when she was in the room with GS. There’s something about the ambiance around her that tugged on the heartstrings. Her backstory about how someone who killed a Demon Lord could still be brought low also showed that it only takes one bad roll of the dice to completely screw you over, unless you’re too angry to die.

And then Priestess was absolutely wonderful in how she spent her time with Goblin Slayer. You get the feeling she really does want the best for him and she truly admires him, even wanting to preserve the first thing he praised her over. That was so adorable that I could taste how sweet it was, and I’m not even a Priestess x GS shipper at that.

The other Silver-rankers continue to be decent characters as well. The moment GS and Priestess were healed up, they all went out to eat and gave them time off to recover. You could tell even by the way the Dwarf and Elf bickered after they fought side-by-side and the two healers simply smiled that they’re a good party.

And then there’s Goblin Slayer. We saw his flashback as a boy and what he lost. Now we’ve seen a bit of the training he’s done and the person who was speaking in his mind last episode, his Master. As I mentioned before, he was kind of an asshole but being sympathetic only gets you killed if you don’t have the guts to back it up in this world.

And considering the body-count GS has at this point… he got results, so I can’t talk I guess.

Last is the Beholder, which joins the non-goblin monsters kill count of two. I’m told it is a high-rank monster in D & D, which makes sense. Fighting it head-on when it can use Dispel on the three mages in your party hit you with a laser that can melt solid stone means your odds are grim.

So, being the pragmatist that GS is… he just blows it up with a powder explosion. And would have camped it out if that didn’t work. It’s practical for the situation, I’ll give you that, and I learned about overpressure too so I learned something new .

If there’s one thing I can walk away from this episode saying, it was that I liked both the relaxing parts that came after the previous battle and the pragmatic monster-slaying that led to the cliff-hanger ending.


Differences in Adaptation

Here’s some difference between the manga and the anime:

  • GS’ Master’s training was pelting him with rocks within snowballs and then multiple icicles coming down as he has to answer a bunch of different riddles, with the answers amounting to a “Map Face”, and then “Goblins”. A lot of Goblins.
  • After he wakes up but before he notices Priestess, GS muses that its been more than 5 years since he saw his master and while he was ready to die he didn’t know what to feel about dragging others with him into death in the process. That’s why he seemed different to Priestess.
  • Resurrection is given more details. It doesn’t raise the dead, but basically acts as a miracle that can bring you back from the brink of it. So he’s not a zombie or anything.
  • Sword Maiden didn’t start with her blindfold off, but uh… she’s a lot more suggestive in the manga when she basically hits on him. Then again, the manga cuts very few corners when it comes to visuals. Including the most amazing faces.
  • The group also found the secret passage in the stone coffin that GS smashed into when they were getting ready to leave with him to the surface, which they pointed out may have been the reason he was still alive after he broke through it.
  • In the Weapon Shop, Priestess doesn’t get hit on. Rather the guy sees she’s new so he offers her lighter chain-mail but she has trouble asserting herself until GS steps in. She also imagines using a flail, but decides against it since she’d bonk herself on the head with it.
  • GS also mentions that he was told that if you are receiving poor service at a shop, show them your Silver Tag and their attitude would change instantly.
  • Spearman offers to help Goblin Slayer with his quest for a fee, in a show of solidarity because GS mentions that he’s one of the most trustworthy adventurers he knows.
  • When the party returns they decide to have dinner again, and Priestess offers to cook with the condition GS doesn’t talk about Goblins. He’s left speechless for a moment but realizes that he has friends now and it’s a new feeling. Again, its touching.
  • The Beholder costs both Priestess and Dwarf Shaman a spell each, since they didn’t know beforehand about its abilities. They learn Dispel when Priestess can’t use her magic after it spots her (which causes GS to throw an egg-powder bomb to blind the big eye) and Disintegrate when Dwarf Shaman’s earthen wall gets melted by the smaller eyes.
  • HEA is revealed to have sisters who are more skilled than her since they can run around while shooting when she can’t. She also stops nagging him over not using certain things because when he gets creative it gets more destructive.

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