Goblin Slayer Episode 7 Review


Be the nail in your own coffin!

The seventh episode is out now and we’re continuing our dive into the sewers of Water Town in order to find and eliminate the source of the Goblin Menace. Will the challenges they face be more than our party can handle? Find out as we Recap and Review  Goblin Slayer Episode 7!


So the seventh episode opens with Priestess in a bathhouse shortly after their party returned to the surface. The rest of her party refused to join in for their own reasons, though her thoughts turn back to Goblin Slayer and her former party as she thinks about what would happen if she didn’t met him that day. And as if the gods couldn’t help it, that’s the exact moment that Sword Maiden joins her in the bath.

Sword Maiden’s skin is actually covered in scars from making a mistake in battle more than two years ago, where upon she was struck in the back of her head and… well, you can do the math.  Sword Maiden then brings up to Priestess how Goblin Slayer seems reliable, but someday he’ll disappear from her. This bothers her enough that she decides to leave while thinking that Sword Maiden knows what the Goblins are like.

Then we cut to HEA being ogled by some Adventurers as she meets up with Goblin Slayer after he sent his letter.  He notes there isn’t a quest to slay rats in the town, which is strange considering the size of those sewers, before heading out to buy a canary for their mission the next day. Its so that they can know if poison gas is used, since the Goblins  here are smart enough to build boats they likely know how to work any traps.

He explains they’ll head upstream this time to find whoever is leading these Goblins and then kill them, before wiping the rest out. Priestess is worried that its a Shaman or Ogre behind the horde this time, but he can’t give her an answer. That does nothing to soothe her fears of what Sword Maiden states as they arrive at a tomb.

Naturally, it turned out to be a trap as they rush to help what looked to be a woman who was injured like the Elf in the last fortress, only for it to be a corpse. They get locked into the room and poison gas is poured in, but GS’ utility belt and Dwarf Shaman’s spell allows them to survive without being inhibited.  So that’s when the Goblins themselves start coming in to kill them properly.

The moment they burst through the door, we encounter our first Goblin Champion. Remember, that’s the equivalent of a Silver-Rank Adventurer for Goblins. And proves it by using one of its minions as a shield so it can bat GS hard enough that he’s basically dying, which causes Priestess’ concentration to fail and her spell to follow.

So they get swarmed. HEA is stripped and Priestess is bitten into by the Goblin Champion like a snack, tearing a huge chunk out of her shoulder. Hearing all of that was enough to get Goblin Slayer to remember the words of his mentor who trained him and what happened to his village, and he promptly rises from the dead to start murdering Goblins after getting a potion into him.

He grabs the hair and gets onto the Goblin Champion’s back to garrote the bastard. He tries to get GS off him, but he doesn’t let go. He just rides him into killing his own forces so that the others can get free to fight, and then he takes out the Goblin Champion’s eye and uses it to scare the rest off.

Then he collapses only for HEA to catch him as Lizard Priest stops Priestess from dying from her injuries. She apologizes for failing, but GS ends up passing out while bleeding as the episode ends with him looking dead in the way we all expected him to: In a room full of Goblin corpses and sad music playing.


So this episode covers Chapter 20-23 of the Manga, and it did a damn good job of it too. Last, let me say I loved how they closed out the episode with the music. They really made it seemed like he died.

I mean, we know that isn’t the case. We have five more episodes and at least one arc. But it made a hell of a place to end the episode.

But, leaving that aside, let’s talk about the rest of it starting with the characters. It should be fairly obvious from Sword Maiden’s dialogue, her body, and Priestess’ words what happened to her, but I won’t bring it up because she’ll do a much better job next episode I’m sure.

Instead, let’s talk about the other girls. High Elf Archer’s naivety shows somewhat when she doesn’t even know what a letter should contain. This is due to her species , because they live for such a long time that the months she’s been away it hasn’t even been minutes as far as their concerned.

She’s spunky and, if you read the last section, you’ll see that she’s a hell of a fighter. But she has her moments of weakness too. Those Goblins came a lot closer to doing to her what we’ve seen them do elsewhere and that minor near-cry was a sign of her knowing how damn close she came to a bad place.

Priestess, throughout this episode (the arc itself really) has doubts about a lot of things including the risks they’re taking. These come to a head when Sword Maiden’s prediction seemingly comes to pass and GS gets battered. She drops her shield and they swarmed, which nearly screws everyone over. Now she had to watch her savior seemingly die, and you know she’s going to be feeling guilty over that.

With the guys, Goblin Slayer revealed that he studies from others since they have more knowledge than he does. That’s a lesson he learned from his master (the creepy, goblin-looking Rhea he saw before taking out the eye), which is why he learned about the canary and the hair garrote. His master was… an asshole, to put it lightly, but the advice has served him well and if he’s going to die he’s going to die doing something. Plus, he’s too angry to die.

Lizard Priest continues to be a beast in battle and Dwarf Shaman has a number of utility spells to go along with his wine. The hand axes also prove to be useful. These two are great companions to have and I like their quirks when it comes to food.

We also get world-building on the lore about the battles fought between Chaos and Order during the Age of the Gods when they came across the mural in the tomb. The architecture itself is rather impressive as it was designed to be confusing so that monsters couldn’t just wander in, with both Lizard Priest and Dwarf Shaman noting that becoming a lost spirit in this place would be a nightmare and remove them from the cycle of rebirth. This tidbit shows their religions well, given that their magic centers around calling upon ancestors and being reborn into a naga (Lizard Priest) and using spirits (Dwarf Shaman).

With that said, we’ll close out this episode with a recommendation to watch it. Not once. Not twice. But until you memorize the  epicness of it.


Differences in Adaptation

Here’s some difference between the manga and the anime:

  • Priestess mentions that because of her Temple having a vow of poverty she doesn’t get to indulge in baths like the one in the Temple of Law often.
  • The water in the baths contain scented oils and the leafy things were White Birch Branches, which Priestess also indulged in.
  • Priestess also had her doubts about what she can do for Goblin Slayer and what happened to her party. She has nightmares where she imagines herself as one of the captured girls being raped, but also sometimes wonder what would have happened if all of them survived. She never really got over it.
  • In the guild, the Adventurers comment on Goblin Slayers low-tier gear so HEA half-flirts with him to show them up. Then she goes shopping with him for new clothes since the sewer stink soaked into her current ones, and asks if underwear are really necessary since she doesn’t wear them.
  • In the dungeon Dwarf Shaman admits that like human miners dig too deep and run into poison gas, they’ve occasionally dig up and underground demon and get wiped out.
  • They run into Goblins on their way to the tomb, but Goblin Slayer doesn’t opt to kill them so they can find the leader. When the topic of a leader comes up, HEA states it could be a Dragon or a Dark Elf. This is foreshadowing for a future volume.
  • In the manga, Priestess wasn’t stopped by Goblin Slayer and went over to heal the woman. So she nearly wastes a spell until the wig falls off. That’s when the Goblins kick out the wedge they used to hold the door open and traps them inside, with it being mentioned that the Goblins couldn’t kill them the first time so they instead decided to trap them since they knew they would want to help a fellow adventurer, hence why they strung the corpse up.
  • Lizard Priest is also revealed to have  a high resistance to poisons. Likewise, HEA can read the wind, so she could find the holes the poison was coming through easier.
  • One Goblin manages to get past the edge of the Protection to get HEA, but she uses an arrow tip to cut its out out with a slash before nocking it and firing it through the thing’s head in an instant, so she’s no slouch. That’s also why the Dragontooth Warrior was needed, so they couldn’t do that.
  • The Goblin Champion speaks in the manga, and when he hits GS he does it hard enough he ricochets off the ceiling and into the tomb. The dice rolling when that happened are actually foreshadowing that wasn’t present in the manga for the next episode.
  • The Goblin Champion also bites clean into her shoulder and tears out a good portion, with the only thing stopping her from dying instantly being the chain mail she wore.
  • The end of Chapter 22 basically gives a narration that all of them dying horribly after getting overrun in the dungeon is natural. Upon which GS states “This shall not stand”, and gets up while noting he feels pain which means he’s still alive and can fight.
  • GS then kills a second goblin with a bone through the eye before he makes sure he isn’t spotted. Priestess sees him but bites her own lips to not give him away after the Goblin Champion takes a second bite out of her.
  • HEA grabs one of the clubs from the Goblins while they were distracted and bashes their heads in until Dwarf Shaman supports her. He notes that even though she was crying her pride remained intact (in a good way).
  • At this point GS can’t feel pain at all, and realizes he’s dying, but that’s okay in this case since he needs that lack of pain to keep going.
  • One of the Goblins wets themselves in fear at what GS does to the Goblin Champion, which was glorious, before they all run away because down to their core they’re cowards.

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