Goblin Slayer Episode 6 Review

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The sixth episode is out now and we’re getting into some more Goblin slaying action as GS is given a quest to hunt down Goblins in depths below Water Town? What secrets await him in the ruins beneath the surface? Find out as we Recap and Review  Goblin Slayer Episode 6!


So the sixth episode opens with a ritual being carried out by what’s clearly a monstrous cult as they prepare to sacrifice a naked girl, only to be interrupted by a group of women led by the Heroine who possesses a Holy Sword. Or so it its told by Rookie Warrior as we see him and the others are sitting around after the events of last episode.

GS has the details of the mission and tells the others its time to go slay some goblins for a bag of gold each, which gets Priestess riled up because he doesn’t discuss it with them. Him telling them that they could take it or leave it isn’t much of a choice since they won’t abandon him to do the quest alone. Still, it’s an improvement from how he used to be and they tag along with him, on the condition that he comes along with them on an adventure afterwards and he reigns in some of his tricks.

High Elf Archer has been here before, so she guides them to the temple as they head through the beautiful city on  the river. Priestess is the most impressed one, amazed by the fact that the temple is huge and they were requested by the Archbishop: Sword Maiden. She tries to address her humbly, as suited for one of her station, but GS only wants to know where the Goblins are and cares nothing for tact.

She then gives him the story about how a temple girl was killed one night in an alley, sliced apart while alive, and then a bunch of other incidents happened until one adventurer killed a goblin in the town. She figured the goblins are likely in the ruins beneath the town and had other adventurers go in to deal with them, but none have returned alive. That’s when she heard the songs about Goblin Slayer and decided to send for him.

He can’t promise to save the town, but he can kill as many Goblins as he can find. So Sword Maiden gives him a map and asks Priestess whether or not she’s afraid given what she’s been involved with. But Priestess is sure everything will be find before they head off.

Then… then we make up for all the not-dead Goblins in the last episode as GS, HEA, and Lizard Priest slay five groups during their trek. Since they’re in a well-built area, they don’t have to worry about surprise attacks through the walls and don’t need to cover their scents. But when they’re getting ready to take a break for lunch, they discover that the Goblins have been making boats and are riding on the canals towards them.

The Goblins fire a volley of arrows, but Priestess provides a barrier to protect them as GS kills the leader by tossing his sword like a spear at it. Then, he pulls out a trick from the ninja playbook using an egg filled with powder to blind them before he and Lizard Priest go in and start killing them. Eventually, Dwarf Shaman calls up a Stone Blast to sink the boat and leave the survivors to drown.

Or at least most of them, as an alligator pops up to start munching on anything it can and causes the group to run. GS and Lizard Priest are forced to carry Priestess and Dwarf Shaman as they run when they hear another Goblin boat coming in.  Of course, GS lures the alligator to kill them instead before pointing out that the Goblins shouldn’t be unaware of that alligator if they built the boats on their own. That means the Goblins weren’t native to the sewers, someone brought them there.

And no sooner than we reach that conclusion does the episode end with a monster looming in the background and the sound of dice rolling.



So this episode covers Chapter 18-19 of the Manga, skipping over the finale arc of Volume 1 (for now) and Chapters 16 of Volume 2 (Chapter 17 was merged with the last volume) . As mentioned before, I’m presuming they’re planning on moving the events of Volume 1’s conclusion to a later episode so I won’t bring up what that is.

Now, this new arc takes up another quest to kill Goblins and the second half of the episode wastes no time in getting to that point as they explore the ruins beneath the town in order to do so.

Goblin Slayer proves to be  a master of his craft, even at the fact that it has costs. Since he only thinks about dealing with Goblins, his interpersonal skills are severely lacking, which his party are trying to work around. He has no tact when speaking to Sword Maiden, but that isn’t to say he doesn’t care about other people since if he didn’t he wouldn’t have gone into the nest to save Priestess the first time (remember, by his own admission you only go into a nest if you don’t have time to smoke them out) or reassured her they won’t be ambushed like her first time.

We also see that their group has established something of a dynamic when it comes to hunting together. Lizard Priest can produce a claw that never goes dull and throws himself into battle with GS while HEA supports with her arrows mid-range. Priestess and Dwarf Shaman are in the rear and provide cover with spells if needed or support them. HEA has even learned about gathering up her old arrows to use again since they’ll be here for the long-haul.

We also get the introduction of Sword Maiden, a gold-ranked adventurer who helped kill the Demon Lord ten years ago, and the Heroine (Female Hero is the proper name), who stopped a ritual some time ago. These two are major players as far as the world is concerned, but they aren’t who we are following at the moment.

But the main focus of the arc should be clear: someone brought these goblins to this place and its their job to find out who after they kill every last one of them. And since we see that monster at the end, we already know we could be getting into another Ogre situation.

There were some changes that should also be addressed, but I’ll leave those in the section down below. Overall it was a great episode and I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next…

Though, on a final note, has anyone else noticed White Fox seems to love to focus on women’s lips?


Differences in Adaptation

Here’s some difference between the manga and the anime:

  • Goblin Slayer tells what’s probably his first and funniest joke in history in the chapter leading up to the meeting with Sword Maiden after High Elf Archer gets drunk.
  • When Priestess was asked if she was frightened in the manga, she recalls what happened to her previous party and what happened with them. Most likely this was taken out because they did that with the Elf Girl already.
  • In the sewers they find the corpse of a dead adventurer, who was ambushed from behind and killed with a single blow to the head. GS nicks his sword while Priestess and Lizard Priest pray for the lost soul, which gives us insight into their beliefs.
  • HEA was mad at him throwing his sword because it left him without a weapon when she could have struck the killing shot for him without needing to leave him defenseless.
  • The Egg was filled with crushed pepper and powdered viper. If not for events of manga that they skipped (Chapter 16), you would have seen him making it ahead of time.
  • Chapter 16 also introduces the same armor that the goblins have on an unrelated quest, showing that they were related to this case. The fact that they removed was probably due to time constraints, but because of it we missed some bonding with GS and Cow Girl.

3 thoughts on “Goblin Slayer Episode 6 Review

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  2. I really enjoy your Review and analysis of the differences from the manga! It’s giving me more insight into the characters and world!


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