Goblin Slayer Episode 5 Review

Believe it or not, this is progress.

The fifth episode is out now and they’ve basically decided to skip the rest of Volume 1 for now. I don’t know what White Fox is thinking, but I’ll give you my opinion and thoughts as we Recap and Review  Goblin Slayer Episode 5!


So the fifth episode opens with Guild Girl and her associate mentioning that they’re getting ready for promotion exams and Priestess is on the list. Then we cut to Goblin Slayer doing his usual route and learn that three days had passed since the battle with the Ogre, with him needing to rest after that because of the beating he took. Cow Girl notes that in a change from his usual solo act he now sounds like he plans on going on more adventures with the group, which is progress.

Then, for a change out of the usual cast, we cut to Apprentice Priestess and Rookie Warrior, the two who tried to wrangle Priestess from Goblin Slayer, as they go about the recommended quest and clear the sewers of Giant Rats. They manage to kill two before they run into Giant Cockroaches and run as they devour the killed rats. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t complete the quest so they don’t get any money and they lost a weapon so now they have to borrow.

Of course, then we go back to GS as the crew of Silver-rankers find him helping Cow Girl unload cargo. Lizard Priest has become a cheese addict and GS is his source of a fix, while High Elf Archer asks if he would want to come with them on a quest like a tsundere, while Dwarf Shaman teases her over it. So they’re pretty much going to be sticking around for a while.

Back with Rookie Warrior, they talk to Spearman and Witch about getting another weapon. The latter pulls out a magical item called a Seeker’s Candle from between her cleavage and tells them they can use it to find their sword or sell it for cash. They then wish him well as they set out for their next adventure as well.

Goblin Slayer then goes to the Blacksmith to have him repair his gear and get a new Gate Scroll, but the smith makes it clear that it’ll take a while before he can fetch one. Those things are rare after all. He then heads out to find that Priestess moved up from Porcelain to Obsidian because she fought Ogre, and she’s grateful because it was only possible due to him saving her.

Back with Rookie Warrior, he’s still trying to get a weapon from a couple of other rookies who are watching Female Knight and Heavy Warrior spar. It’s pretty much made clear that they’re so broke they can’t afford to pay attention, but the two rookies suggest that they go to the Guild and ask for advice. Guild Girl points them out to Goblin Slayer for advice, but they’re afraid he might be upset because they were throwing shade at him a few episodes ago.

Goblin Slayer… tries to his credit. The advice is pretty sound: get a club to bash in their brains as a secondary weapon. And to their credit, it works when they go back into the sewer with the Seeker’s Candle.

But when he gets ready to leave Guild Girl asks for his help in acting as an observer for a promotion exam. The person being examined is a Rhea from a party that is looking to get promoted to Sapphire, who stole from his party by scouting ahead and stealing treasure. He lies but since  Guild Girl’s co-worker has the Sense Lie ability he gets called out on his bullshit, demoted to porcelain, and banned from adventuring in their town. So he’s basically done here, and when he even thinks about attacking Guild Girl he has a flash of insight about the beating GS would give him.

Back with our rookies, they get swarmed by Giant Cockroaches where they realize that one ate his sword. They’re limited on escape methods, but fortunately they manage to eek out a win and get his sword back.  The other adventurers give him a warm welcome when he gets back.

For the last part of the episode, we cut back to Guild Girl mentioning that she likes Goblin Slayer and a mention of Sword Maiden as he gets a quest that specifically requested him as the episode ends.


Wow, they just mashed a bunch of stuff from different volumes together in this episode. We have  content from the Goblin Slayer: Brand New Day manga, which is part of Volume 4 of the Light Novel and  the first part of Goblin Slayer Volume 2 with him playing observer and being summoned by Sword Maiden.

Now, I want to whine that they’re cutting out the big event that would close out Volume 1, but there’s a chance they want to get through the events of Volume 2 and then double back to it. But at the same time, aside from screwing with some events, it meshes quite well. If you didn’t have future knowledge like I do, you probably wouldn’t notice.

There was a lot of foreshadowing they did here. The mention that the Rhea was going to try something in the future references to events of Volume 3, which leads me to think they’re going to rush the hell out of this adaptation to try and fit it in, but considering the contents of that volume it might be possible. So I’ll keep my mouth shut on that part as we talk about this episode in particular.

In the aftermath of the Ogre battle, GS had to rest for three days because of the injuries he sustained. In that time Priestess had her promotion exam where they determined she’d done enough to be promoted from her previous rank as a beginner when its only been a little over a month. There aren’t any complaints because she’s been helpful and she really did contribute in that battle against an enemy who was far above her weight level, so she earned it.

In contrast to the rookies who were having trouble with rats and cockroaches are still scraping at the bottom of the barrel. I mean, it’s technically the recommended job for their level but they’re at risk of catching plague in the water or getting bitten, and they have to work so hard just to get a beginner’s reward. Fortunately, the adventurers are a friendly bunch so they get help and can manage.

Likewise, in contrast to them was the Rhea who got caught stealing treasure that belonged to the entire party and being banned from adventuring in town. It wasn’t technically illegal, but adventurers have to be able to be trusted, so lying like that betrays them and he was punished appropriately. Goblin Slayer is an outcast, but he doesn’t lie or steal from his allies, which is part of why he earned his rank.

The episode basically showed three different aspects of Adventurers in their life. Their struggles, their rewards, and the consequences of their actions. It was fine for transitioning to the next arc, but I wanted to get to the final events of Volume 1 and then move onto Volume 2.

Either way, do watch it and thanks for reading to this point.


Differences in Adaptation

There were a lot, but since I don’t know what’s coming and don’t want to spoil I can only tell you what’s already happened:

  • So, as mentioned, Rookie Warrior and Apprentice Priestess’ story were from Volume 4 of the Light Novel, which is a series of short stories. It went into their circumstances and how they’re so broke that if they didn’t complete the quest prostitution or being a serf were on the table as far as making money just to survive when they were already sleeping in barns, which was bad enough that both decided they’d rather risk dying in the sewers.
  • Goblin Slayer gives Rookie Warrior the club he uses in one adaptation while in another Rookie Warrior gets his hands on it some other way.
  • The Giant Cockroach was far more menacing in the both the Light Novel and Manga, especially when it spread its wings. They literally wet themselves in fear from it.
  • On the subject of Volume 2, the Rhea’s party is shown as being broke and in heavily worn clothes. They were practically praying for their promotion, while the Rhea was laid back and dressed fancy. That was the first clue that he was a dirty bastard, and all of his party got promoted while he was demoted.
  • Adventurers are promoted based on their actions, personality, and the contributions they make to society. You can kill a troll but if that troll wasn’t bothering someone or an active threat, you probably won’t get points towards promotion from a major rank for it. Since Goblins are a constant threat, five years was all it took for GS to get his rank.
  • There was also a quest that opened Volume 2, which High Elf Archer taking him to those ruins they scouted out. There were goblins, of course, but it tied into the events of the Volume in a way that’s a spoiler to get into details.

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