Goblin Slayer Episode 4 Review

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The fourth episode is out now and we’ve reached the first third of the cour. Last we checked, Goblin Slayer and his crew were going into the fort to start slaying goblins. But what other mysteries lay inside the old fortress? Check out my Recap and Review of Goblin Slayer Episode 4 to find out!


So the fourth episode starts with more narration that spells out that the Gods created this world and the races that lived in them because they got tired of rolling dice, turning it into a DnD session. Then we cut to High Elf Archer clarifying that it was skill and not magic that allowed her to curve the arrow before GS does his usual act of cutting open goblins to get their scent. She tries to have Priestess stop him, but you could tell from her eyes and tone that she has gotten used to it.

After the out of place opening  we then cut back to find our girls covered in goblin blood as they go through the fortress and muse on its creation. They come across a trap that HEA spots, which GS pegs as strange since there aren’t any totems that mark a shaman being around. No shaman means that they shouldn’t have the foresight to make an alarm that clever, so someone else has to be leading them.

They later come to a pass where it splits, and while the goblins are one way GS leads them down the other to where their waste dump is and  they find an elven woman who has been brutalized by goblins. She says for them to kill something, and the priestess interprets it as her begging for death like the spellcaster in her first party. However, GS kills a goblin that had been hiding behind her instead.

Lizard Priest gives us a display of his magic as he uses it to summon a dragon-tooth warrior to carry the woman to the nearest elf village after Priestess heals her as best she can. GS then finds a map from the elf’s rucksack and they go to town with clearing it out of all the guards they can find, but HEA is apparently not used to seeing such gruesome sights since it has her rattled. GS is bad at showing empathy though, so he can’t say much other than they need to continue killing.

Then they come to a open room that has more than 50 goblins down below and we get GS’s brand of ingenuity as he has Dwarf Shaman knock them out with a sleep spell while Priestess uses silence to make it so that no one can speak. That way they can kill them all while they can’t do anything in a massacre.

After the wholesale slaughter, they get ready to press on when a massive monster arrives from the entrance. It turns out the one leading this horde of goblins was an Ogre, an agent working for one of the Demon Lord’s generals. Worse, he’s capable of using powerful magic and gets ready to incinerate them all until Priestess throws up a barrier and doubles down in order to ensure it holds (this is overcasting but the anime didn’t explain it).

So Priestess is down for the moment and out of spells, but the rest are good to go. Lizard Priest doubles down as well with two miracles to gain a sword-claw and another dragon-tooth warrior, Dwarf Shaman uses dust to create stones to fire with a spell, HEA blinds the Ogre with an arrow, and GS goes for a hit only for it to do jack-all before he gets rocket-launched via club into a stone pillar and goes down.

The Ogre intends to kill him afterwards, but the dragontooth warrior gets him to Priestess while the rest of them fend the boss off. Priestess fetches him a Stamina and Health potion so he can get back in the game. He pulls out the scroll that heavily foreshadowed as Ogre prepares another fire spell to kill the others and then opens it.

The Ogre gets cut to pieces in that moment as sea water floods the up to their ankles, revealing it was a gate scroll. Because it was keyed to the bottom of the sea, the ocean pressure forced it out with enough power that it acted as a water cutter and cleaved both the Ogre and his spell apart. It pisses off Ogre that he’d planned use that level of power to kill mere goblins, but it doesn’t matter after he gets killed seconds later.

That done, the elves arrive to clean up while they head back to town. The guys are asleep and the girls chat about their different viewpoints on Goblin Slayer. Priestess is grateful for him teaching her everything, but HEA feels that he needs to experience a true adventure some day.

Then the episode ends.


Wow, they crammed almost three chapters into this  episode to wrap things up fast. Guess they’re going to try and reach Volume 2 by Episode 7. But, despite the rushing, it was a good episode.

As we see, each of the party brings their specialty to the table as they explore the dungeon and in battle: HEA spots traps and snipes threats as befitting an ranger, Dwarf Shaman provides his expertise on stonework, Lizard Priest acts as both a combat cleric and summoner, Priestess provides utility and protection magic, and GS brings the expertise in killing goblins.

That list of ways he crushed nests in the past was also impressive. You wouldn’t think that you’d be able to divert a river into a nest, but for the sake of killing Goblins he found a way. And he demonstrated that with the right tools (or spells in this case) he can wipe them all out with little difficulty.

For example, combining Stupor and Silence allowed for them to kill without any needless risk. It was clean and to the point, supporting Priestess’ words that he was looking out for everyone. And Gate Scrolls are stupidly expensive since they can cast any spell put into them a single time, yet he repurposed one for the sake of killing Goblins instead of using it to pull something like an evacuation, which a normal adventurer would have done given the sheer threat of the Ogre.

We get some more development on High Elf Archer, seeing as she reacted in shock and horror from what happened to one of her brethren. That seems strange when you consider she’s 2000, but then you remember that she’s considered young by her race’s standards. She’s just getting out in the world and views adventuring as exploring and fun, so this is a wake up call for her to see the world from his point of view.

She recognizes that its unhealthy for him to live that sort of life though, and she wants to show him what she thinks is an adventure some day. That’s honestly a good thing, but since the anime decided to cut out some essential parts after he killed the Ogre I have to list that in the section below.  Other than that there’s not much to talk about.

To summarize, the episode itself was fine but since they rushed the adaptation a lot of inner dialogue and character moments were left out for both the party and Priestess. I’ll put those below as always.

Thanks for reading to this point.


Differences in Adaptation

This episode covers part of Chapter 6 and the rest of Chapter 7 and 8, they skilled out on some of the details. Here’s what we should address :

  • The Lizard Priest weapon of choice is called the Swordclaw, a miracle that turns a claw into a blade that will never go dull. Because of that, he doesn’t need to swap weapons like High Elf Archer or GS.
  • Ogre is hyped up more in the manga, with it stating he’s killed Silver-ranked Adventurers before.
  • Priestess’ miracle was briefly strengthened by her  touching her soul to her goddess for a stronger Protection miracle the second time when she was technically out of casts. Basically, she ran out of MP and instead burned some of her life force to beg the Earth Mother for a single extra spell this time to keep them safe.
  • Ogre actually interrupts Dwarf Shaman’s casting the first time, but he picked right back up after HEA blinded the guy and got in some good hits.
  • Ogre’s skin was tough enough that GS’ sword broke against it because he’s impervious to blades. So after he downed him with the gate scroll, he stabbed him through the eyes to finish him off.
  • After he finished Ogre off, Goblin Slayer was fully intent on going to finish off any other goblins hidden inside of the base. The rest of the party had to talk him out of it since they’d burned all their spells and supplies, showing that he was dedicated to the point of self-destruction.
  • Priestess’ inner thoughts reveal that she’s afraid that if she wasn’t there he would have kept killing regardless of how tired and injured he was.
  • High Elf Archer, after seeing how dark his world was as he constantly kills the Goblins, wants to break him out of that mindset and make him a proper adventurer.

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