Goblin Slayer Episode 3 Review

Meet the Crew.

The third episode has cometh. Who are the mysterious characters seeking out Goblin Slayer and what purpose do they have. It should be pretty obvious considering his title, but we’ll get into the finer details in my Recap and Review of Goblin Slayer Episode 3!


So the third episode begins with a content warning and a brewing storm and narration about how gods decided to throw dice to determine who would rule the world before they got bored. Cue the opening that feels out of place and High Elf Archer paying a visit to Guild Girl trying to find Orcbolg, who Dwarf Shaman calls Beard-Cutter, and Lizard Priest finally clarifies that that the three Silver-rankers are looking for Goblin Slayer.

While Goblin Slayer goes with them for a meeting Priestess gets left behind and offered to join another group of rookies who talk smack about GS, with rumors about him using newbies at bait. Thankfully, Witch comes by with her odd way of speaking  and drops foreshadowing about a scroll while we learn that Priestess has some issues with communicating with GS. She thinks she’s dragging him down, but it boils down to what she wants to do in the end and its her own decision if she wants to stay with him.

Back with GS, she who will be known as HEA for short gives him shade for his equipment being so low-class until Dwarf Shaman points out he’s chosen his gear for his profession. Then he points out that while the resurrection of a Demon Lord might be bad, Goblins are his primary focus since they’ll destroy more villages before demons wipe out the world. Fortunately, everyone can get what they want by wiping out Goblins interfering with the preparations to deal with the Demon Lord’s army on Elf territory that they can’t send the army to wipe out because of politics.

GS plans on basically going alone, but Priestess has gained some steel in her spine from the discussion and wants to tag along despite being the weakest in the party, technically speaking. I’m pretty sure the others see shipping flags so they’re down with it and off they go. They spend some time bonding around a campfire and getting hammered, before we get theories about where the Goblins came from, the latter of which I suspect will blown up by the end of the Light Novel at some point.

We then cut back to Cow Girl who notes that he hasn’t returned before seeing some Goblins finally being slain as the episode ends.


So this episode pretty much serves as our introduction to the rest of the party, a High Elf Archer, a Dwarf Shaman, and a Lizard Priest. These three were hired as representatives of their races since demons are on the move. But since Goblins are getting in the way of the elves preparations and the multiracial team needs humans, they get the guy who specializes in killing them for an extermination.

It’s a pretty good introduction for them all things considered. We learn their personalities,  motives for adventuring, their mission, and we see their quirks.

High Elf Archer is an immature , 2000-year old girl who left her homelands for the sake of adventuring and can curve an arrow. The Dwarf Shaman is a 107-year old chill guy who wants to discover more foods and puts down wine like  a champ. And the Lizard Priest is easily the most respectful and level-headed of the group, who wishes to become a Naga and has discovered the joys of cheese.

It’s their first mission together since they’re only now discussing their reasons for doing everything , and while the meeting doesn’t make it seem like its meant to be a lasting thing, the intro kind of spoils they’ll be hanging around.

You can also gain more insight into GS, which last episode provided. He loved his sister, seeing her as flawless, he doesn’t understand the concept of a discussion meaning giving more than one option, and he lives to kill goblins above all else.

Priestess, as well, tries to make her voice heard more than before. If you couldn’t tell, she has insecurity issues about dragging GS down since she’s a greenhorn. However, she has noticed his habit of going off alone being dangerous and she doesn’t want him to do that if he doesn’t need to (this is clarified in the LN) so she’s sticking with him.

The episode itself only covered 1.5 chapters of the manga instead of the full 2, in which we began our goblin slaying and exploration. But I guess they wanted to push that off into the next episode.


Differences in Adaptation

This episode covers Chapter 5 and part of Chapter 6 of the manga. There are naturally some things excluded so we should address them:

  • The porcelain girl who was with the boy in this chapter is a Apprentice Cleric of the Supreme God of Law and Justice, a different religion from her own.
  • Witch questions how many miracles Priestess can use, with it being established that she’s a prodigy since she has four miracles she can use, instead of the two she started with after only a month of active use.
  • Dwarf Shaman establishes that Platinum-rankers have more authority than Silver-ranks.
  • Goblin Slayer points out that 10 years ago the Demon Lord awakened before and got its rear-kicked, so he’s not concerned about it,
  • Not all the races agreed to make a team since the Rhea aren’t much of fighters, so they’re excluded from it.
  • Goblin Slayer makes it clear he would be more than willing to go alone if he had to once he got the details and went through a laundry list of everything he planned to buy.
  • On another note, there’s a monster manual that warns against porcelain rankers and women going to hunt down Goblin and instead hunt Giant Rats in the Sewers, but things are bad enough I think they took that as optional.
  • Goblin Slayer notes that the fact that the Goblins have a Guard dog means they have resources to spare, otherwise they’d have eaten it. That means its a big nest, and their attack is actually being carried out in the evening at the moment since that’s morning for the Goblins.
  • The second arrow was meant to kill the wolf while the first was meant to kill the goblins. She also notes that its pure skill on her part, not magic.

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