Boku no Hero Academia (Season 3) Episode 24 Review

The Big Three.

Here’s my (late) Recap and Review of Episode 24 of Season 3 (or Episode 62 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia). 


We open the episode with one person looking out of a small apartment with a second voice in his head, who starts everyday with smoking and people watching. He thinks on how society is changing without All Might and how Endeavor just isn’t up to snuff compared to him. But eventually he sets out and runs across villains running  wild, teaming up to try and gang up on the heroes.

That’s when he receives a call from Giran, the villain broker, whose business is booming. The League of Villains have scattered at the moment to throw off the investigation and make the organization grow larger. Except for Dabi, who burns those he sees as weaklings into ashes.

That’s when we learn that he’s actually Twice. Due to how he used his Quirk in the past he ended up suffering a mental disability where he gained a split personality when they turned on each other. Then he stumbled across another villain named Overhaul and his group.

We then cut to the UA students.  Class 1-B all passed and got their hero license, and Shinso pops up looking buffer than before. They learn they’ll basically be going out to work in the field with professionals again soon enough, as they are the successors of the current heroes. Aizawa later explains the system better to them before handing over the reins to Present Mic.

Later on we see Bakugo and Izuku, with Mineta pushing his luck and Izuku learning that since he’s on house arrest, the rest of the students are forbidden from telling them anything about what they learned in class. Then Izuku runs into a dude sticking his head and arms out of a wall and then the floor, which freaks Izuku out.

The moment his house arrest is over, he goes into overdrive being ready to learn everything he missed out.  That’s when Aizawa introduces the top three students in the third year: The Big Three.



Well, this is a late review and the episode didn’t have a lot of action, but it is a very important episode. You see, in the manga this transitions into a new arc where a lot of great things will happen. And while I can’t talk about those, I can talk about what we’ve seen.

To start with, we’ve seen the actual fallout of All Might’s retirement now. Villains are not only teaming up but they’re fighting in the streets among themselves and the heroes can’t keep up. The current society just can’t keep up without All Might and now they’re paying the price for it.

Endeavor, as we know, has a lot of issues. He has a good track record in his number of captures, but he was never a sociable person and so people don’t look up to him. If word about how he treated his wife and children got around, you can bet damn well that what little respect he had would vanish in a heartbeat.

As for Twice, he’s an interesting villain and an example of how your Quirk can screw you over. In his case, his clones could make clones but they weren’t subservient to him. As a result, he made too many who didn’t want to take his crap anymore and decided to play king of the hill. As a result he ended up developing split personalities, and since he only feels whole while he’s beneath a mask we see why he does that double talk now.

Now, not much has been revealed about the Big Three. I know that’ll be covered within the next episode, so I’ll abstain from bringing it up right now. The thing you need to know is that Vault Boy is badass.

That being said, it was a decent episode and I look forward to the next one.

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