Boku no Hero Academia (Season 3) Episode 22 Review

Oh, that ain’t good.

Here’s my (late again) Recap and Review of Episode 22 of Season 3 (or Episode 60 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia). 


The episode opens with the results we expected: All of Class 1-A passed with the exception of Todoroki and Bakugo. Likewise, Inasa failed as well. The reasons are pretty obvious, as Inasa and Todoroki both pointed out.  As for Bakugo, Kaminari points out his language screwed him over instead of actually doing anything wrong.

That gets backed up when they get the printed results breaking down how they lost points and where they need improvement. Izuku thinks to himself its strange that they didn’t just remove people who dropped down below fifty points since they couldn’t get them added back, but it was quickly followed  up with the fact that the failures could take a second test later on to try and pass. So, all’s well that ends well, right?

No. Because you know that girl, Cammie, who seemed interested in Izuku? Yeah, turns out she’s Toga from the League of Villains and she’s got a quirk that lets her turn into anyone whose blood she ingests. That includes the blood she got from Izuku.

On the adult side of things, All Might goes to visit All For One in his super-max prison cell. They didn’t skimp on the security either. If he so much as thinks about using his Quirk the cameras will read his brain waves and get ready to plug him with holes.

Their talk boils down to All Might wanting to know where Shigaraki is and what he wanted in the end, but All For One points out that the two are so different that he’d never understand. Even so, he pointed out that just as he wanted to be the ultimate hero, he longed to be the ultimate evil and both of them had the power to give their ideals form.

It was only because his body was damaged by All Might and he realized his time was coming to an end that he decided to find a successor. All For One then muses on the state of the outside world, how society will need to recover, and then gets in a potshot about how All Might will only be able to watch because of his current condition. Just as he’s in a prison he can’t get out of, All Might is also only able to look at the world without doing anything.

That leaves them both the same: powerless.

Later that evening, Bakugo calls Izuku out to the front of the building to talk about his quirk. If you remember, Izuku had told him about it in the first season but it was only when he saw All For One’s ability to steal Quirks that he put the pieces together. Now he wants to challenge Izuku because of it as the episode ends.



Well, this review is late but the episode itself was a great payoff for the arc in itself. We got to see our heroes pass because they did the right thing and because of the breakdown they were given they know where they need to shore it up. The focus on cooperation has likewise been represented since they can no longer rely on All Might and will need as many heroes as they can get.

Todoroki and Inasa deserved to fail given the grand scope of how badly they screwed up and both of them acknowledge it. They’ve got a second chance now and they’re not going to waste it. They don’t have to like each other, but they know they need to leave their feelings at the door to do their job right.

Still, the fact that Mineta of all people got the chance to talk crap feels like kicking a man when he’s down. He’s such scum sometimes that its funny in its own way.

As for Bakugo…  believe it or not, I feel bad for him because he actually did the right thing during the exams. He didn’t go off to fight the villain but instead focused on finishing the evacuation, but it was his language and attitude that did him in.  But it was a long-time coming since he’s been told time and time again he needs to chill. That pedestal he was on needed to get knocked down, and now he’s going to confront Izuku about having All Might’s quirk.

But before we close out, let’s talk about Toga and the League of Villains.

The clues that Cammie was actually Toga were already there. Her interest in blood the first time she saw Inasa bleed, her obsession with Izuku, and her lack of personal space. Likewise, her Quirk’s power were there as well when you remember her rant to Uraraka in the forest about becoming the person she loves and the fact that she got her blood back then. That’s some good planning there and other series should take lessons!

As for the League of Villains, All For One pointed out that they would be lying low for the moment. With the removal of the two largest powers on the heroes and villains community, the power gap needs to be filled in. Rushing to do so right now would only get them swallowed up, and Shigaraki has been growing enough to know that, so that’s why he’s been quiet since Kamino.

But a confrontation  will definitely be coming at some point and I’ll look forward to it in the end.

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