Boku no Hero Academia (Season 3) Episode 21 Review

I don’t care how sweet this combination attack was,
they screwed up big time.

Here’s my Recap and Review of Episode 21 of Season 3 (or Episode 59 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia). That’s right! On-time this time!


Ignoring last week’s filler, we get back to the exams and Gang Orca’s attack being launched on the rescue operation after we see how the big wigs in charge of arranging the exam came up with the concepts and why.  The points for each student are being monitored by the examiners, and the moment they hit below fifty they fail. So if they don’t make the right decisions they’re screwed.

It forces the heroes to divide their attention between fighting and continuing the rescue effort. Naturally, those who are better suited to fighting with wide-area attacks and more destructive quirks are the best-suited to head off and deal with the villains. However, Gang Orca stops the first initial attempt by Shindo via blasting him point-blank with a shockwave that basically  knocks him out by rattling his brain. Todoroki puts a majority of the villains on ice but his attempt is hampered by Inasa blowing them away instead.

Then the two of them screw around arguing in the middle of the exam and get called out on it by Gang Orca. Then  Izuku after one of their screw-ups nearly get Shindo, who has been immobilized at this point, caught in the flames.  At that point the people in the audience even point out that those two are probably going to fail after they both get paralyzed by Gang Orca.

Both of them realize their screw-ups a little too late, but thankfully Shindo has some resistance to sound waves because of his Quirk causing them regularly and manages to immobilize the villains while Izuku helps.  That buys Inasa and Todoroki enough time to create a flaming tornado to trap Gang Orca and leave the smaller villains to the other heroes candidates.

Gang Orca eventually breaks out and then Izuku has to intervene, but the exam ends as everyone had been evacuated because of Bakugo, Kaminari, and Kirishima.  The episode ends right before they announce the results.


And so the final test concludes.

We understand more about the point grading system and see that the ones who arranged the exams came up with the idea because of an order from the National Police Agency in light of the losing All Might. Basically, since they don’t have a symbol of peace anymore, they want everyone to work together. Prioritizing the first-aid center was essential since that was where the wounded were, and between Inasa, Todoroki, and Shindo’s Quirks they could effectively hold off the majority of the villains on their own.

However, their infighting nearly harmed the latter if not for Izuku showing up, and you can pretty much tell right away they let their personal issues due to Endeavor cloud their judgement. Even Bakugo shelved his normally aggressive behavior to continue the rescue efforts, whereas they royally screwed up.

They tried to make up for it after the fact, but everyone has pointed out that they aren’t likely going to pass. This was a simulation of a real world incident and had to be treated as such. If it were a real villain attack, both of them would have been dead by now.

And this was with Gang Orca having limiters on. The last time we saw a Pro Hero nerfed that much was All Might, and he nearly crippled Bakugo and Izuku, so that’s telling you something. The moment he broke out of their combination attack, if not for Izuku they would have been properly removed.

On other developments, we see that Tsuyu has developed the ability to become camouflaged. Man, between her and Gang Orca’s quirks, those animal mutation are handy. Sure, both are weak to extreme temperature changes, but its’ really effective.

So, overall, this episode is really one worth watching and I loved it. I look forward to seeing who else passed and failed in the end.

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