Boku no Hero Academia (Season 3) Episode 19 Review

The judges for the next exam.

Here’s my (late) Recap and Review of Episode 19 of Season 3 (or Episode 57 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) .


The episode opens with the 100 students who passed observing the field they had been in previously being destroyed via explosions, setting the stage for the next part of the exam: Search and Rescue. They have to save bystanders, hired professionals who will pretend to be injured in the disaster and need to be rescued.  Iida and Izuku both recognize that its similar to the Kamino Ward incident, which was when All Might and All For One went at each other.

Then, after Sero sets Mineta and Kaminari off on Izuku for seeing Cammie naked (the bodysuit didn’t exist in the manga) and Uraraka getting a minor bout of jealousy, the Shinketsu students apologize for the actions of their classmate. Todoroki thinks differently since he notices the glares that Inasa is giving him and tries to figure out what his problem is. Inasa doesn’t give him a straight answer and worsens the problem by stating he had the same eyes as Endeavor, which is a button he shouldn’t have pressed.

The exam then starts. Bakugo runs off with Kaminari and Kirishima going after him while the others head towards what appeared to be a crying child. Then we find out how the points are deducted by taking in the victim’s condition and making accurate assessments on how to handle them. That insight leaves Izuku to revamp his approach and save the first victim while he has the others go ahead.

Then we see the various other teams using their quirks and knowledge efficiently, for the most part. As its explained, there’ll never be enough heroes to rescue everyone and they can’t do the process themselves. So they have to be efficient and work together by dividing the effort, which leads to Class 1-A splitting up to do so and aid the students from the other classes as well. Except for Bakugo, who immediately has problems since his tone of voice is unacceptable given the circumstance.

However, things then escalate. They have to fend off a makeshift villain attack  in the process of rescuing everyone. And its led by the Pro Hero Gang Orca, who is the current #10 hero, as the episode ends.



Ah, the rescue exam. With all the punching and trying to score points, it was so easy to forget that being a hero didn’t just mean stopping the villains, but saving the civilians. I wonder how many people even remember that was the purpose of the USJ practice where the first villain attack on Class 1-A occurred?

So, we got to see a bit of world-building  with how it was mentioned that H.U.C was a career that stemmed from the need for heroes to perform disaster rescues. Heroes are meant to be first-responders, so they have to be able to respond to any possible situation.  The need for that means that a new field of experts had to be trained, and so you have these guys.

Izuku’s mind flashing back to why All Might always said that “I AM HERE” was a great scene as he realizes that it was meant to put the minds of the terrified people at ease. It reminded him of why he wanted to be a hero, seeing All Might smile as he saved people, making it the shape of his dream.

Likewise, it forces the students to work with other schools. That’s because once they’re out in the field, they’re all heroes and all working towards the same goal rather than being from different schools. That’s why I suspect Inasa will have problem with considering he admitted to hating Todoroki because of his father. It’s as Seiiji pointed out, what he makes up for in power he lacks in experience and maturity.

Speaking of Seiji, like I thought he had also been influenced by Stain. A number of people have between his words and All Might’s retirement. Him trying to eliminate everyone who would become the sources of hatred that led to the need for the reformation of the heroes clouded his judgement, and so he was the only one from their school who failed.

If there was one thing I wasn’t a fan of, it was the attention that the episode was giving to Uraraka’s feelings toward Izuku. It wasn’t bad or anything. It just bored me because it was obvious in the grand scheme of things and relationship drama has never been that interesting as far as I was concerned. Unfortunately for all you shippers it looks like that one has been docked.

Next episode is filler from what I can tell, but what kind is up in the air. We’ll find out next time.

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