Boku no Hero Academia (Season 3) Episode 18 Review

A moment of courage becomes a shining flare for Class 1-A.

Here’s my (late) Recap and Review of Episode 18 of Season 3 (or Episode 56 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) .


The episode opens with the kids from Ketsubetsu giving a summary of the events so far. Namely their plan to split Izuku’s class up backfired so not only did they lose them, but since time is running out the other students are fighting amongst each other. That’s fine for them, since if these guys wear themselves out then they can swoop in and claim the targets for themselves.

Then we cut back to Bakugo and Kaminari going against Shishikura, who intends to humble Bakugo and weed out the less qualified (in his opinion) candidates. He even manages to get the drop on him by remote controlling his quirk to sneak up on Bakugo from behind and turn him into a meatball. However, Bakugo managed to slip a grenade to Kaminari who uses it to clear the field before using his new support gear to direct his electricity without harming anyone else, freeing Bakugo and Kaminari who shut him down.

Back with Todoroki, Momo’s group joins him as they passed as well thanks to her actions last episode. Then we see Izuku, Sero, and Uraraka pulling an excellent trap that pins a lot of people down. The trapped people try to beg for mercy, but Izuku points out they need to pass more and score wins for themselves.

We then cut to the others who haven’t managed to grab anyone. Iida has been running off by himself to help everyone he can, having decided as their representative to help everyone pass even if he doesn’t. He finds Aoyama and tells him to come along so they can do so together as Izuku’s group meets with Bakugo’s group, with the latter dropping a hint he knows Izuku has All Might’s power.

As the group from Ketsubetsu passes, there are only a few spots left. So Aoyama decides to use his Quirk to send up a signal for the rest of Class 1-A to meet up, which serves as the signal for Koda to call in a swarm of pigeons to blind the other students closing in and leaving an opening for everyone else to use their quirks to take down the targets. Everyone from Class 1-A passes as a result as the episode ends.



The first round is over and the MVPs are Kaminari and Aoyama, two of the people who you’d least expect to be able to contribute managed to secure victory for the rest of the class.

Kaminari showed excellent growth in both his comprehension and tactics. With a little support from Mei and Bakugo, he managed to take down an opponent who had him dead to rights by all accounts. I have to respect him because until now he never showed such foresight but after everything that’s happened he’s thinking hard on how to improve and putting it into practice.

Bakugo has also shown character development. Not only has he expanded his options of long-range attacks, but he was even willing to dial down his explosions to avoid hurting anyone else needlessly.  Mind you, the edges are still there and are sharp enough that you could get cut if you get too close, but still.

As for Seiji, with his weird, but effective Quirk and his intention of going out of his way to eliminate as many candidates as he can who don’t fit his ideal of what a hero should be. Who does this remind me of… Oh, wait, Stain. He’s basically acting on a variation of Stain’s ideals but with less murder.

Then there was  Shindo’s personality, which is revealed to be a lot more sneaky than what we were led-on to believe. He’s taking a pragmatic approach in the grand scheme of things, but amidst the struggle  only results matter and that’s what allowed his group to pass. Just goes to show Bakugo was a good judge of character when they first met.

And finally, Aoyama has been shown to largely be a coward, as he was during the forest event. However, here he took his steps towards shaping his dream, which is important since this is one of the few times we’ve seen into his head. He took a gamble and that allowed for the others to pass in a flashy combination of their abilities, with Koda and Hagakure demonstrating their expanded abilities.

Overall, it was a fine finish to the first test and next we move onto the second one.



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