Boku no Hero Academia (Season 3) Episode 17 Review

I know the situation was dire, but this was more adorable than it had any right to be.

Here’s my (late) Recap and Review of Episode 17 of Season 3 (or Episode 55 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) .


The episode opens with the Power Ranger ninjas combining the powers of earth, water, super-strength, and unmeltable steel to overwhelm Todoroki for a moment. Then he evaporates a water tank to catch them in a steam explosion, securing his victory. That was quick.

Then we go to another student, who is sitting down and having tea. She does some holographic things and speaks about formulas, giving the impression that she’s super-smart. So when a group of UA students enters into her room, she declares they’ve decided on a target and readies her henchwomen to move out.

Back with Todoroki, he goes to the room where those who pass have to wait until the next round. He sees Inasa and wonders why they didn’t meet before since both of them received recommendations, but the moment their eyes lock Inasa goes  steely eyed. But it only lasts for a pause before we go back to the other group we’re following, looking for the rest of the class.

Jiro hears four people coming, which is strange considering all the other schools should be coming up in a larger group. Then she gets deafened as someone blasts music to interfere with her quirk. Next they block the windows to stop Shoji’s quirk from  working with a sniper who uses a slingshot and also takes out Jiro’s support equipment. Following that up, they lower the internal temperature to put Tsuyu into a hibernation state and then weld one door shut to lock them into a trapped box.

Basically, they’re screwed as things stand if Yoyorozo uses her quirk since it’ll wear her out. She recognizes that was the plan, but at the same time they’ll have to try and find a different solution. Turning to Izuku’s previous actions as inspiration, she decides to look up a way to save the others by creating sound-proof headphones and a speaker to help Jiro unleash a high-frequency sound attack to knock everyone else out. It works, except on the super-genius that manages to isolate her, only to get herself tagged instead because she didn’t think they’d come back for her.

Then we go to Bakugo, Kaminari, and Kirishima, who stumble upon a trap. One of the students from Shinketsu immediately traps the latter on some kind of meat blob. Bakugo naturally want to take him out as a result.

We then cut to Izuku’s group who explains the plan of grabbing enough people to restrain so that everyone could pass. Class A excels at zone control, so it would be fitting they could pull it off. But since its only three of them Izuku decides to be a decoy while Sero and Uraraka restrain them via their quirks.

Back with the Shiketsu student, he gives Bakugo and Kaminari lip about how their actions are a disgrace to the name of heroes and U.A. Bakugo tells him to use actions, not words. So they get into it as Aizawa tells Miss Joke that Izuku and Bakugo have been pulling their class along towards greatness because of their passion as the episode ends.


So this is what the Principal was talking about when it came to super-smart opponents who’ll sit back and watch as you struggle. The student known as Saiko had a well-thought out strategy overall, whereupon she took the information she had available to render the quirks of the UA students useless thanks to her own quirk, which boosts her already present intelligence when she drinks tea to astronomical levels.

The only reason she got done in was because she wasn’t aware of how close they were and that they’d come back for them. She only had information based on the Sports Festival, where they were all working towards victory and applied it here. In other words, the unknown variable that was Izuku’s actions that inspired them.

The Todoroki thing was largely just to show how he managed to overcome them on his own since he’s accepted both sides, though he’s still struggling to get control at using both powers at once. That being said, the fact that a steam explosion was a viable option is arguable given that heroes are supposed to keep collateral damage to a minimum. So while I’ll give him credit for ingenuity via instantly vaporizing a water tank’s supply and causing it to burst, I’ll have to dock points because shrapnel and steam burns are a thing that could have happened.

Last was Bakugo’s group and the Shinketsu clash. It’s obvious that the dude finds their actions, especially Bakugo, to be reprehensible. But you can tell at a glance that his quirk is similar to Mister Compress’, meaning that if he catches you then you’re done. So it boils down to if Bakugo and Kaminari can strike him down before he gets the drop on them next episode

Overall, this was filler. Not bad filler, mind you. But next episode it looks like we’re moving on to getting the group back together and I can’t wait.

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