Boku no Hero Academia (Season 3) Episode 15 Review

Class 1-A together!

Here’s my Recap and Review of Episode 15 of Season 3 (or Episode 53 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) .


The episode opens with us seeing the moment Izuku decided to use his legs and Mei planning on coming up with something to reinforce his feet. She also accurately points out that he needs to readjust himself to being a speed-type hero, citing that Iida is built for it but Full Cowl allows him to strengthen his body well enough to fit that bill. Armed with braces for his arms and iron soles for his feet, he gains the most benefit for the least amount of weight in Costume Gamma.

Everyone has armed themselves with new gear as well, but before they get the chance to shine Class-B comes in to use the training area. The Copy Quirk kid remains annoying as always as he tells them to fail, which Tokoyami points out means they’ll end up crushing one another despite being in the same school. Fortunately, to prevent that from happening, Class-1A and Class-1B both applied to different locations since the exams are held twice a year in three different locations specifically to avoid students from the same school knocking each other out.

But this also means that not only are they going against every other school, but very few first years aside from them will be attempting the exam. So they’re going against more experienced students on top of that. They’re at a complete disadvantage and have to keep that in mind.

Later that evening, the girls discuss how they’ve improved their own Quirks, except Uraraka. She’s busy with thoughts of romance and they immediately peg its either Iida or Izuku.  It becomes obvious when we see her reaction while watching Izuku training late at night and music plays, but we don’t go into further details as time passes and the kids head to the exams.

There they meet a couple of quirky students from Shinketsu, which is the best school in the west to contrast U.A. in the east. This including Inasa Yoarashi, who claims to love their school and once got top scores and admittance into U.A. but turned down the chance to attend. That means his abilities were above Todoroki, a fact that worries Izuku going in.

Then we meet the teacher from Ketsubetsu, who immediately proposes to Eraserhead only for him to turn her down promptly for the bad humor. Izuku naturally knows her as Smile Hero: Ms. Joke, with a Quirk that makes people near her laugh uncontrollably while she beats them down. The two happen to know each other and she likes teasing him, but she brings with her another class of rivals including a boy named Shindo who gets seen through by Bakugo as faking his behavior.

Everyone gets dressed and the announcer from the Heroes Public Safety Commission, Mera, gives them an explanation of how things will work after he whines about not getting enough sleep because he’s so busy. Namely because Stain called out heroes as fakes, people have been questioning heroes and now they’ve got to shake things up. So only the first 100 of over 1,500 will pass the first stage of the exam if they manage to tag two people with three targets and knock them out.

Joke then chats with Eraserhead and pointed out he didn’t tell his class that everyone knows about U.A.’s Quirks because of the Sports Festival, meaning everyone is going to target them. Eraserhead points out that it was unnecessary since they’ve improved enough that they can overcome it. Which they do in an impressive show of Quirks and strategies as Izuku leads the charge.


Mmm… yesssss…. the exams begin with an impressive showing on both sides as the Sports Festival once again screws them over by showing their Quirks to the world, only for them to show they’ve drastically improved. Ten days of intense training, several serious villain attacks, and a bunch of costume improvements proves that these First Years have it going on.

Where do I even begin here? Izuku, I guess?

Like I mentioned before, Izuku learned Full Cowling and his initial movements from Bakugo and Gran Torino, who are used to moving efficiently and precisely. However, adding Mei’s tech to Iida’s knowledge, he managed to change up his fighting style as well to incorporate their contributions. Not to mention his strategic mind shows that he thought ahead to how they remain stronger together and can efficiently stop the attempt at crushing them outright.

Then with All Might, we see that he feels some somberness at needing to be protected rather than doing the protecting due to losing his quirk. A natural consequence of what happened, but its still a hard thing to see. You know some villain is going to try to take him out one of these days and it worries me to no end.

With Uraraka, they are playing up her crush a lot. You see the sparks with how she looked at Izuku talking with Mei after that crash-hello. But then… they put romantic music and pink sparkles into it as a blatant sign she wants him.

Bakugo meanwhile has some kind of feelings toward Izuku that go in the opposite direction. Likely from his improvement in developing Shoot-Style, which will probably cause issues. But he remains a good judge of character and saw through Shindo’s mask.

Eraserhead and Ms. Joke’s dynamic is something to watch as well. He can’t put up with her, but she seems to genuinely like him for some reason. She also confirms that this man’s habit of expelling people is something that really did happen in the past.

We also see that Stain’s convictions still have a strong effect on the entirety of society, with the examinations having been ramped up to the extent that only the literal 1% can surpass the challenge in front of them. Do they really have time to be stingy with the numbers when you just lost All Might? Not to mention how they arranged the exams to where a sneak attack to steal someone else’s prey will be the most effective method to win.

Either way, it was a good episode so I give it full marks and can’t wait to see the next one.


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