Boku no Hero Academia (Season 3) Episode 13 Review

A crying Tsu. My one weakness.

Here’s my (somewhat late) Recap and Review of Episode 13 of Season 3 (or Episode 51 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) .


The episode opens after All Might’s visit to Izuku’s home and his plea to let him teach Izuku. His mother has agreed to let him  move into the dorms, so a few days later he leaves home and heads to Heights Alliance with the rest of his classmates who got permission as well. The Principal notes the dorm isn’t just to ensure their safety, but to find out the person who is doing the leaking that screwed them over.

Eraserhead is there to welcome them to the dorm, and explain they were supposed to be working towards getting their provisional licenses. It was going to be part of the training camp, which would allow them to act freely when in danger, but we all know how that went. But first he takes a moment to chew out all but three of the students.

The first are the group who went to Kamino to retrieve Bakugo: Izuku, Yaoyorozu, Kirishima, Iida, and Todoroki. The second are the others who overheard them and didn’t do anything to stop them in the end. He outright tells them if not for the fact that All Might had to retire, he’d expel all but three of them and they’d have to work to earn back his trust.

Bakugo, in one of the few kind acts we’ve seen, grabs Kaminari and makes him use his quirk to dumb himself down for laughs before giving Kirishima money to replace his night vision goggles that got destroyed. So he basically takes the moment to get them all to lighten up before they head inside.

Eraserhead then gives them the layout of the building and the kids get their rooms organized before night falls. That’s when they decide to have some fun by looking at one another’s room. And guess who’s first on the list?

Izuku’s room is naturally decked out in All Might stuff, because he’s an otaku for the hero. His shame is palpable enough that he goes red in the face, which makes me laugh. And the other guys realize they’re about to be exposed as well.

Tokoyami tries to keep everyone out, but his room is basically darkness and edge. Aoyama is the contrast opposite, bright and shining with a disco ball on the ceiling. They outright skip Mineta’s room because he outright terrifies them.

Ojiro’s room is so normal that it hurts. Iida’s room is lined with books and glasses. Kaminari’s is gaudy to the girls, but it looks fine to me. And Koda’s is cute, with stuffed animals and a living rabbit.

Then Mineta takes advantage of the guys who had their feelings hurt to get them to flip the script by suggesting they look at the girls rooms as well. Bakugo has already gone to sleep and doesn’t want anything to do with it, so they skip him and go to Kirishima’s room. The only word that covers what his room is “manly”, but Uraraka seems to like it.

Shoji’s room is basically just a futon and desk, literally nothing else. Sero’s room is composed of what looks like Indian artwork while Todoroki’s is basically pure Japanese with a tatami mat and everything. Last for the boys is the Sato, whose room has a portable oven and cooks a cake to practice with his quirk.

Now its the girls turn, and they start with Jirou’s room, which is a hardcore musician’s room. Hagakure’s room is basically a girl’s room, so Mineta goes right for the underwear drawer without shame. Ashido’s room is even more girly and cute, with a lot of purple and color, while Uraraka’s room is basically normal with simple comforts like a television and fan.

Tsuyu opts not to participate like Bakugo, though she’s actually awake at the moment. That leaves Yaoyorozu’s room last, where the majority of space is taken up by a huge bed. It goes to say that the winner is the Sugarman, purely because of the cake as the girls mention.

Once the competition is over, Uraraka asks for the five that Eraserhead called out for going after Bakugo to follow her outside. There’s Tsuyu apologizes for telling them that going after him like that was no different than the act of a villain while crying, which naturally tugs on the hearts of the collective as the episode ends.


So this was a fine episode, a breather considering how epic in emotion the last episode was. This episode and the premise of the room competition gave us a look into the personalities of the other characters who haven’t had as much screen time as the main characters. It’s just a little extra to let us get to know them more.

Tokoyami is basically one of those kids who likes to be dark and cool, Aoyama remains bright and sparkling even when out of the spotlight, Kaminari basically doesn’t have a set thing and does what he wants, Ojiro is basically normal with little extra to him in terms of living environment, and Shoji is a minimalist, only taking what’s needed since he doesn’t really like to keep anything unnecessary.

The most surprising was Sero, who seems to have a strongest sense of decorum when it comes to Asian things, but not Japan. That’s Todoroki’s thing, and he managed to get it all set-up faster than the rest thought possible. The boys who can integrate their quirks into their daily lives like Koda and Sato have things more pertinent to that, with one keeping a pet that he can communicate and the other baking sweets to compliment his own power.

The girls are likewise more fleshed out to an extent. Both Hagakure and Ashido are girly in terms of their rooms, both enjoying cute things and are probably the most feminine.  Uraraka has the basic comforts for one living on their own with nothing fancy since she’s pretty poor, in contrast to Yaoyorozu who is a rich girl with few experiences out of it.

Tsuyu is also given some depth. We know she’s the one who makes calm and rational decisions under duress, and she treasures her friends enough that only they can call her by her nickname. The end of the episode revealed that she’s a little more sensitive to the thought that they may not like her because she told them bluntly that them going after Bakugo was wrong in an effort to stop them from putting their lives on the line.

Now, did I think that she was wrong for calling their actions the same as that of villains? Yes, I do. Because there’s a difference between wanting to go help a friend and trying to murder forty students.

I’ve stated this elsewhere, but while they shouldn’t break the rules so easily, the series itself makes it so if they didn’t break the rules a lot of people would either be injured or dead. If Izuku didn’t go after Iida, Stain would’ve killed him and Native. If Izuku’s group didn’t go after Bakugo, they wouldn’t have been able to remove him so that All Might could go all out.

The series does try to showcase there are consequences at times, rather than patting them on the back. But those consequences are likely never going to be serious enough to put a permanent damper on them, specifically because they work out. The story is told in media res where Izuku’s already become a great hero, so we know its going to work out for him.

That’s why I found Eraserhead’s threat  to expel all the students if not for All Might’s retirement hollow. I couldn’t take it seriously since they went through with bringing them all to the dorms, when he’d visited a good portion of their homes. So it was more of him stating that they didn’t get away freely  and to drive the drama in this episode.


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