Boku no Hero Academia (Season 3) Episode 10 Review

Good and Evil clash in a battle of titans.

Here’s my Recap and Review of Episode 10 of Season 3 (or Episode 48 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) .


The episode opens with a brief recap of Bakugo and the other villains being teleported away and the Nomus attacking.  All Might breaks through the numbers of Nomu with an Oklahoma Smash. He then leaves Endeavor to handle them while he heads off.

Back with the other group, they’re all barely alive because Best Jeanist managed to move them out of the way with his Quirk. However, he took the brunt of the hit and has seen better days. Worse, he gets a hole blown into his gut by All For One, who tells him he won’t take his quirk since its no good for Shigaraki.

All while the kids are scared to even breathe as Bakugo gets pulled to the battlefield along with the other villains.  As All For One  encourages Shigaraki to try again despite his failure here, Izuku wants to get Bakugo while they have a chance to do so but Iida recognizes he’s about to screw up and stops him. Cue All Might’s entry and the two locking hands as they do a power clash so epic it blows everyone away.

All For One calls All Might out as being weaker than before. All Might points out that he’s overexerting himself considering the mask he’s wearing. Then  All For One blows All Might away, revealing he’d stacked multiple Quirks to get that combination to work before he forcibly activates Kurogiri’s Quirk so they can take Bakugo and run.

Bakugo’s basically holding All Might back since he can’t go all out while trying to save him, and the villains are hellbent on capturing Bakugo with force this time. So the kids need to come up with a way to save him in an instant while they can’t fight.  Izuku fortunately pulls off a combination of his own with the others to get into a position where they can rescue Bakugo. Then  Bakugo launches himself  with the most epic possible rocket blast to get away (yes, they exaggerated it compared to the manga which brings up the issue of why he didn’t do that to escape in the first place) and they catch him.

Magne launches Compress to catch them, but Mt. Lady takes the hit in the kids’ place so that they can get away. Then Gran Torino appears to help and knocks them out before they can try again. That forces All For One to use Magne’s Quirk to get the League of Villains out of the way through Kurogiri’s portal, meaning both the kids and the league are relatively removed from the board.

That means only All For One and All Might are left in the immediate battlefield. All Might manages to get in a decent hit while giving an epic speech. However, All For One mentions that he heard the same line from his predecessor, who had the same family name as Shigaraki when the episode ends with him still in the fight.



The clash begins, not with a whimper but a bang. All For One manages to ruthlessly put down all the other Pro Heroes and clear the path for the League of Villains. And then when All Might appears, he gets blown back the length of several skyscrapers by the Symbol of Evil. In that single moment, as he’s rattling off a list of Quirks he combined to get that effect, you instantly know that he’s been at this for a while and knows what the hell he’s doing.

For All For One to have appeared only  a handful of times in the series until now, he’s already established his character. He’s a mentor to Shigaraki like All Might is to Izuku, he knows about Quirks of varying kinds and can use them in intricate ways, he can calmly assess a situation and use it to his advantage, and he has as much animosity towards All Might as the latter has for him.

It’s like watching the two pinnacles of heroes and villains clash. Only the kids and the league are really just  chains holding them down and keeping them from going all out this episode. Now that they’re out of the way though, next episode I expect some really hard blows to come out.

Now, All Might is still at a bigger disadvantage since All For One has an entire city block he can level without care. Heroes are crippled by the need to prioritize the safety of the civilians and that makes them vulnerable. On top of that, he’s on a timer as far as his powers go since he passed it on to Izuku. But, considering the next episode is the Symbol of Peace, I don’t think he’s down for the count yet.

That being said, there’s no doubt from the foreshadowing on both their sides that the kids and the league have lost the safety nets they had here. Both of them were only able to escape because of the veterans, and you can feel that right now we’re watching the last moments of the two greatest representatives of their factions duke it out. A last hurrah for them both that will go down in history.

How they’ll grow from here will be an amazing thing to see. More so considering that name drop at the end. Unfortunately, we have to wait a week to see what comes of it, so there’s nothing to do but to wait.

Overall though, one of the best episodes of the season.

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