Boku no Hero Academia (Season 3) Episode 9 Review

Eat your heart out, Kool-Aid man.

Here’s my  (late) Recap and Review of Episode 9 of Season 3 (or Episode 47 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) .


The episode opens with the media being assholes to the U.A. staff about telling the students they could fight back. As they point out, the gas was responsible for most of the victims, and Kendo and Tetsutetsu put a stop to that because they were able to act. If not, there could have been permanent injuries or death.

Then they basically call Bakugo being kidnapped as a worst case scenario because of his attitude and that he isn’t mentally stable. However, Eraserhead knows how the game is played and states they’re underestimating Bakugo. He’s going to be a top hero and nothing less.

Evidence of that is Bakugo standing up to the entire league. Mind you its because he’s working on the assumption they won’t try to kill him seriously.  The villains point out he could have faked it, but Bakugo doesn’t do that because its not in him. He ain’t going to do something if he doesn’t want to.

Now, in the past Shigaraki would kill Bakugo for making his father’s hand falls. But Shigaraki remains calm and decides to call in his Master to ask him for a little help. So that’s bad.

Back with the rescue group, they establish once more that they will not just rush in like idiots and also the fact that Bakugo might not be in there. So they plan for contingencies while the Pro Heroes get their plan together as well. Izuku’s group then  gets ready to move when a bunch of drunkards nearly ruin their cover, so they decide to go around to the backside where no one will see them.

Kirishima bought an expensive night-scope camera and spots that there’s a bunch of Nomu inside of it. At the same time, Compress and Kurogiri are getting ready to put down Bakugo again. That’s when they get a knock on the door for a pizza delivery.

Then… then the awesome happens.

All Might smashes in the wall opposite the door while they’re all looking away. Kamui Woods then immediately binds them all while Gran Torino kicks Dabi in the head to knock him out so he can’t break free. And then when  Kurogiri gets ready to bring in the Nomus, Edgeshot basically impales Kurogiri to make sure he can’t do anything and they reveal they know most of their secret identities, so they’re completely screwed.

In addition to that we see that Mt. Lady proves she’s far more flexible than you’d think as she wears a truck like a shoe and kick in the door to the Nomu warehouse. They all immediately get restrained by the police, Mt. Lady, Gang Orca, and Beast Jeanist. So the heroes have won on both fronts it seems.

Shigaraki relapses into a flashback of when he met All For One, when his true name was Tenko Shimura. No hero came to save him and everyone who passed by all thought the same thing, that eventually a hero would come, when he needed them. The world is twisted like that, so when All For One extended his hand for him to take, it dyed his world that color.

Then the Nomus arrive from another Teleporter, who takes Bakugo with him. It turns out that the group handling the Nomu warehouse ran into a little complication. A complication who wiped them out two minutes ago even after they managed to retrieve Ragdoll and Best Jeanist restrained him, along section of the city in the blink of an eye.

It left all of the kids terrified because they could see that all it would take was a moment and he’d kill them.  That is the terror of All For One.  And he’s about to get to work.


Oh yes. Oh yes this is what I love. This episode was perfect from start to finish. We got to see so much in so little time, the build up to that ending and all their plans going south so soon. It was wonderful.

What I really loved was  how the police and heroes are collaborating to deceive the villains. That had to be the most awesome knock-knock-crash executed, immediately breaching and restraining the threats. If not for All For One then that would have been game over for the league.

At the same time, All For One proved in about 30 seconds why he was OP. Now we’re getting ready for the hype of the season.

Seriously, it’s about to go down. There’s nothing left to say but awesome…


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