Boku no Hero Academia (Season 3) Episode 8 Review

Dressed to impress.

Here’s my  (late) Recap and Review of Episode 8 of Season 3 (or Episode 46 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) .


The episode opens with a few minutes prior once more, with Izuku regretting not being able to save someone in front of him and Kirishima making his offer to Izuku. Todoroki’s pretty sure they left Bakugo alive, so there’s a chance to rescue him. The group is pretty split on what to do, but the majority opt to leave it to the pros before the doctor comes in for Izuku’s examination.

Long story short, all those injuries combined with this one have basically taken their toll on Izuku. He’s got maybe 2 or 3 more times of using his power like that before his arms get irreparably screwed up and he can no longer use them at all. Fortunately, there’s some good news in that he gets a message from Kota that  encourages him to be completely reckless as he calls his mother to tell her that he’ll be coming home a little late. But his mother asks him if he honestly need to go to that school given all the danger he’s been in.

Then we see the heroes getting assembled for the raid on the villains. Endeavor, Best Jeanist, Edgeshot, Gang Orca, Gran Torino, Tiger, Mt. Lady, and Kamui Woods are all called in by the time night falls.  Yaoyorozu and Izuku join Kirishima and Todoroki, with Iida coming to lecture them since two of them were the ones who pulled him out of the fire when he screwed up with Stain. He gets a hit in on Izuku for recklessness since he’s worried they’ll end up like his brother before deciding to go with them when they mention that they only plan to extract him without fighting, meaning our Bakugo-retrieval team has assembled.

It takes them two hours to get there, during which they ride the train and discuss how they think it’ll go. Once there, they dress in disguise to hide themselves. Though, I think she wanted to use it as a chance to go shopping.

They’re on their way to the place when they see an apology press conference being held by the staff of U.A. Needless to say, the press are having a field day picking them apart for the 4 villain incidents, despite the fact that we know they literally couldn’t do any better than they had. The people are assholes, with even Shigaraki pointing out that if heroes slip up even a little they’re criticized for it while making his pitch to Bakugo in asking him to join the villains.

Then he makes the dumb mistake of having Bakugo’s restraints removed and he naturally attacks as the episode ends.



So… this was the set-up episode, where everything is about to go down next week. We get to see the heroes gather up, with some real powerhouses like Gang Orca in the mix.

The kids themselves are divided on how to act, which they honestly should be given that the hero society has been hamstrung by their own rules to the extent that if they make a single mistake they’re criticized for it. It might just be my bias talking, but people who can’t save themselves have no right to criticize people who have to save them if they’re doing the best they can. Let’s see how they would have reacted if they were the ones in the middle of the attack.

That being said, I do believe that heroes should be held to a higher standard. They should actually be paragons like Izuku, instead of jerks like Endeavor has been. So if you don’t criticize them when they do something wrong, then they might let it go to their heads and become corrupted. That’s why Stain gained so much ground in his speech, despite the fact that his culling went a lot farther than I am comfortable admitting and Iida’s brother was a bad call.

Still, it’s telling that Tsuyu can say that breaking the rules would be the same as the acts of a villain and the kids actually taking it seriously. Come on guys, the last villains you encountered just tried to kill you, whereas they’re just trying to get their friend back. Honestly, it feels like she was reaching a bit there.

Speaking of villains, a mark of growth is actually shown in how Shigaraki pointed out that the society mocks the heroes for failure instead of encouraging them, which is happening as we speak. It’s a sign that society has become so complacent that they think they can get away with criticizing the people who are the ones saving them, with the heroes expected to be perfect. All because, in his opinion, All Might was around to tamper down on crime.

Compared to when he was going on about heroes being celebrated for violence in the USJ attack, this time he has a bit of logic behind it. Not enough to sway me considering that a majority of them have body counts and just spent an hour or so trying to kill a couple of kids, but someone might actually buy it. Not Bakugo though, which he made apparent in short order and why Dabi probably delegated Twice to doing it right after getting the order.

So, this was a lovely episode and I can’t wait to see more of it the series since I know one of the best battles is about to go down soon.

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