Boku no Hero Academia (Season 3) Episode 7 Review

The taste of defeat.

Here’s my  Recap and Review of Episode 7 of Season 3 (or Episode 45 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) .


The episode opens with a few minutes prior, where we see the classmates who were locked in the building being targeted by Dabi’s clone. Vlad King manages to protect them but the clone basically states the moment they lost the initiative they were defeated and if multiple incidents involving U.A. and All Might puts people’s trust in heroes into question, the villains win. Aizawa takes the time to stop the clone into goo before he heads back to the field, leaving the rest behind since they don’t want to put the rest of the students at risk.

Then we cut to Izuku’s group confronting the villains. Dabi immediately gives Compress a warning to get out of the way before he lights them up with fire, nearly barbecuing Izuku and Shouji in the process. Then the fighting starts in earnest as Toga manages to pin Izuku down and nearly kills him until Shouji interferes and she decides to kill him for getting in the way.

Compress pulls himself out of his Quirk and then goes to hand over Bakugo to Dabi, only for Shouji to reveal that he snatched them from his pocket when he tackled him. Or so he thought until Compress reveals it was a sleight of hand and that he kept the real marbles in his mouth like a snake as the villains escape.

Fortunately, Aoyama’s cowardice pays off and he manages to get a shot in that allows them to retrieve Tokoyami, but not Bakugo. Izuku breaks down crying as he realizes that he failed utterly while the rest of the injured kids are dragged back for medical treatment. In the end, they lost this round to the villains.

Several days later, the media is tearing U.A. to pieces over being unable to protect their own students, including letting one get kidnapped. The teachers ultimately concede that they weren’t prepared because they  thought they had time when they didn’t, and All Might feels horrible since he was relaxing in the tub while others were fighting for their lives. Not to mention if they turn Bakugo, who was constantly shown as violent, into a villain it’ll be over for them.

Present Mic points out that someone among them was playing traitor and they need to start weeding them out, but Snipe insists they take the time to think it through before they tear themselves apart from suspicion.  That’s when All Might gets a call from his friend on the police force who tells them that their own investigation led to them discovering the location of the villain’s bar. So the police and heroes are planning a raid, and All Might is going to be all up in that.

Shigaraki is loving the media attention his group is getting  thanks to the incidences, while Izuku is recovering in the hospital while suffering from numerous medical conditions due to how hard he pushed himself. For him, this is utter hell, but his conscious classmates come to visit him and two of them state their intention to go rescue Bakugo. It turns out Yaoyorozu’s tracking device had a receiver and she made a second one with her Quirk, meaning they can go plan their own rescue.

Iida vetos the plan since he remembers his screw-up with Stain and Tsuyu backs him, while Kirishima and Todoroki are firmly for the plan. In the end, they ask if Izuku is in as well as the episode ends.


So… the heroes and kids got screwed hard. Not only could they not take out more than three villains, but they lost Bakugo and several of the other students were left in a critical condition due to Mustard. Even two of the Pussycats are down for the count.

Shigaraki’s plans have come a long way beyond just trying to wreck stuff now. He’s basically gone full-on schemer with how he’s set the dominoes to fall in his favor, because if the most prestigious hero school in Japan with All Might backing it can make mistakes, the rest are fallible. If his goal is to show society that their peace is fragile, then he’s succeeding.

In contrast, Izuku feels like utter crap because, due to pushing his body so hard, he could only save Kota while Bakugo was right in front of him and was taken. It was just as Aizawa warned him, but it was unfair because he had to fight Muscular on his own and so the couldn’t do anything.

So now we see two groups at work. It’s pretty obvious Izuku’s going to go get Bakugo and All Might is getting his raid on for the counter-attack, so we’re looking forward to that brawl. Overall, this episode was  fantastic conclusion for the end of the arc and the start of a new one.

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