Boku no Hero Academia (Season 3) Episode 6 Review

The Fastball Special always works!

Here’s my  Recap and Review of Episode 6 of Season 3 (or Episode 44 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) .


The episode opens with Dark Shadow running rampant since Tokoyami and Shoji were attacked by Moonfish and the latter lost an arm. He can regrow it because of his Quirk, but the sight of it still drove Tokoyami to lose control. And now Dark Shadow basically lashes out at anything it can see or hear.

Since Shoji won’t abandon a teammate, it comes down to whether Izuku will stay and help or go save Bakugo. Izuku does both, having them guide Dark Shadow to where Moonfish is harassing Bakugo and Todoroki. Dark Shadow takes out Moonfish while Bakugo along with Todoroki use their Quirks to produce enough light to calm down Dark Shadow, settling both issues.

So both groups have met up and discuss their plan to escort Bakugo directly to camp. Bakugo ain’t happy about  this because he’s not helpless and he has his pride. But he goes along with it for now as they head to camp.

Then we go to the girls, Uraraka and Tsuyu, as they run into Toga Himiko, one of the villains. Even though she’s only armed with a knife, she knows about both of their quirks because of the Sports Festival (once again screwing them over) and she manages to pin  Tsuyu against a tree by her hair until Uraraka puts her down with one of her martial arts moves.

Toga doesn’t seem all that bothered by it since she sees her as someone similar, only Toga is pretty nuts and loves to cut up people who are beat up and smell like blood. So when Izuku pops up in his beaten state, she’s instantly smitten but has to escape. Worse, she did so with some of Uraraka’s blood and they don’t know what kind of Quirk she has.

Anyway, since they’re all together, they plan to head back for safety in numbers only for Tsuyu to point out that Bakugo and Tokoyami are missing. Cue the intro of Mister Compress, one of the villains who managed to get the drop on them despite not letting down their guard. He explains they want to turn them into villains since they can do more without the constraints of hero values.

Since they got their targets, the villains start to make their retreat while Aoyama hides like a coward. Then we learn that a Nomu is on the field under Dabi’s control. Yaoyorozu and a member of Class 1-B, Awase, are nearly killed until it gets the order to fallback and Yaoyorozu has Awase use his Quirk to merge something into the Nomu. As for Spinner and Magne, they get rescued by Kurogiri using his Warp Gate.

Since Mister Compress is getting further away, Izuku has Uraraka make him, Shoji, and Todoroki weightless and have Tsuyu throw them with Shoji controlling their trajectory with his wings. They want Izuku to stay back given his injuries, but he refuses before they give him splints and then launch the three.

Toga meets back up with Twice and Dabi, elated to have made some friends and a boy she’s interested in. Said boy drops in on top of Mister Compress as their human bullet hits its target, leaving the three hero candidates facing off against three villains as the episode ends.



The villains go to town on the heroes in this episode. Virtually every victory they had got trumped right afterwards.  But then again, the difference in skill was made clear between them.

Toga was  fast enough and strong enough to pin Tsuyu by her hair to a tree with a thrown knife and then escape Uraraka’s hold.  Mister Compress managed to stealth-steal Bakugo and Tokoyami right under their noses and escape despite Todoroki freezing an entire section of the forest to try and trap him. That’s experience right there.

On the subject of our newly introduced duo, we’ll start with Toga. Obviously, she’s the resident Yandere who has taken an interest in Izuku and makes it perfectly clear she wants to cut him up and suck his blood dry. That being said, crazy or not she knows her way around in a fight.

As for Mister Compress, he mentions that he was an entertainer before he became a villain and it shows. Why? Because if he’d just ran off without telling the kids anything, he would have gotten away. But he couldn’t help himself and so he got a human bullet in the back.

Now, as for Aoyama being a little coward, I call him such because every other hero candidate that wasn’t incapacitated obviously tried to fight back. Now, I understand he was scared and its a realistic thing to be, but he’s in the most prestigious hero school around and the rest are doing their best to survive. It looks bad.

So this was a great episode, despite being a cliffhanger. We got to see what happened to some of the other kids and the full-scope of Dark Shadow’s power, along with the tactics of the heroes and villains alike. Now we’re reaching the peak of the arc and next episode will probably bring it to a close.



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