Persona 5: The Animation – Episode 4 Review [Dropped]

Who thought this was a good idea?

Here’s my (late) Recap and Review of Episode 4 of Persona 5: The Animation.


The episode starts with the calling card being posted on the school bulletin  board, calling our resident asshole out on being a lustful bastard and that they’d made him confess his crimes. Kamoshida doesn’t have proof it was the group who posted it, but his Shadow does and tells them to try and get his treasure if they can. Cue the real opening.

Morgana then tells them that the impact of a calling card won’t last for more than a day, so they need to get ready to storm his Palace. Ryuji and Ren go pick up some model guns and then the latter heads back to his place where he runs into Takemi, who tells him he’d make a good experimental subject and slips him some drugs to test for her. Ren then focuses on making his thief tools as Ann goes to visit Shiho before they risk everything.

Then the time comes and they head back into the Palace at its maximum security level. Everyone gets their code names as they go through the castle until they reach the bridge and find there’s a missing key to deactivate the traps.  They lure over a Pixie and hold her at gunpoint to get the key before Ren manages to  inadvertently get himself a new Persona as befitting a Wild Card.

Anyway, the bridge is open and the Treasure has appeared in the form of a huge crown. Morgana gets treasure-crazed only for Kamoshida and Cognitive Ann to reappear and stop them from taking it. That’s when he states that the students are responsible for letting him get away with everything he’s done in order to bask in his greatness before he morphs into a demon that embodies his lust.

Since they only need to steal the Treasure, they leave it to Skull while they distract Kamoshida by shooting his giant cup. In response, he one-shots them with a volleyball and Ren passes out, ending up back with Igor. Then he gets his Personas guillotine’d into becoming a new one that tanks the hit and returns fire so that Ryuji can steal the Treasure.

Kamoshida loses, gets cornered, and then breaks down as Ann threatens to kill him.  But she relents because the moment he confesses his life is over. So ultimately, its a victory for them as the Shadow returns to his real self and the Palace collapses.

The real Kamoshida does ultimately confesses to his crimes and Shiho regains consciousness. As the episode ends, Ren gets his code name of Joker and Morgana.


Oh boy… I can’t even bother masking how this episode makes me feel disappointed. I get the adaptation has limited time to work with, and its honestly more for people who haven’t played the game or can’t. But, since I have… they do this battle a disservice in so many ways its not even funny, they only introduced Pixie to just have her sacrificed, and made Kamoshida some kind of 3-D monster in a 2-D production.

I can’t go through a full season of this, and I’ve dropped Sword Oratoria for being a bad adaptation, so this follows suit. No sense in wasting everyone’s time. If you’ve played the game, don’t bother here. If you haven’t, I’d suggest going for a game walkthrough.

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