Boku no Hero Academia (Season 3) Episode 5 Review

How’s that for a Revelry in the Dark?

Here’s my  Recap and Review of Episode 5 of Season 3 (or Episode 43 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) .


The episode opens with Kurogiri asking Shigaraki if his new group will be alright by themselves. Shgaraki relates the situation to game logic again, stating that it doesn’t matter if they succeed or fail, only that they scare the heroes and start to put the cracks in hero society. In other words, he’s using them as disposable pawns again, albeit not weaklings and he’d prefer they succeed.

Anyway, Muscular is down but Izuku’s arms are screwed up. Even so, he can’t sit still when there are still others out there and everyone is in danger. So he has Kota get on his back so they can go warn the grown-ups that their target is one of the students and have Kota put out the fire with his water Quirk.

Back with Eraserhead, he managed to dodge that surprise shot like a badass and then pinned Dabi down to start an interrogation. By which I mean he starts breaking his arms to both cripple him and get answers, considering that was an actual murder-attempt. Unfortunately, that Dabi then proceeded to melt because it was a clone.

Then we meet the villain known as Twice, who created the clone of Dabi using his Quirk. He has an almost split personality about him, but Dabi seems used to it. So he ignores the oddness and has him make a second clone to keep the pros occupied.

Then Izuku runs into Eraserhead, who notices he screwed up his arms and that Izuku is basically running on adrenaline. Realizing that if Izuku got this screwed up without permission, he might as well have Mandalay send out a message that the kids are authorized to defend themselves so they don’t end up getting killed because of it. Izuku arrives in time to break Spinner’s knife sword and have Mandalay relay that to everyone in Class A and Class B with Telepathy.

Once she gets that message off, Izuku tells her to warn Bakugo  that he’s being targeted. Magne puts two-and-two together based off the sounds of battle beforehand and then tries to take Izuku out before he can become a threat in the future. But Spinner protects Izuku since he was the one Stain chose to save and thus worth of being a hero.

Of course, this distraction gets both the villains knocked down and Mandalay tells Kacchan to avoid combat and get back to safety. Bakugo is pissed because only one person calls him Kacchan and tries to go after Moonfish since they’re officially free of their leash.  Todoroki has to cover him, limited to his ice since they can’t afford to burn the forest down themselves, which proves difficult as Moonfish is both insane and skilled in using his Quirk that lengthens his teeth.

Kendo and Tetsutetsu go to deal with the source of the gas, with the former realizing that it hasn’t spread in every direction to where Mandalay can see it and its denser in certain spots. They head to Mustard, who pulls out a gun and busts a cap in Tetsutetsu’s head. The shot breaks his mask, leaving him unable to breathe, and when he targets Kendo he takes a bullet that manages to get through his skin and draw blood.

Mustard then screws up by lecturing them, allowing Kendo to get the drop on him  and then blow away his gas. Tetsutetsu gets up and promptly drops the brat with a punch. That removes the gas from the equation.

We then cut to Izuku heading towards Bakugo, only to get attacked by Dark Shadow. Shouji takes the hit and its revealed that one of his hands was cut off by Tokoyami when his Quirk ran wild, because he loses control over it when night comes around. So not only do we have a bunch of villains still lurking around, but an out-of-control Dark Shadow on the loose as the episode ends.


The episode adds some real character to our casts of villains. They all have different levels of experience and beliefs and personalities beyond just being evil for the heck of it like Muscular.

Magne is an experienced fight to keep up with Tiger. And she’s also able to piece together how dangerous Izuku was, immediately shifting targets to put him down when an opening presented itself.

Spinner is a Stain-fanboy who still finds value in his ideals. That’s why he was willing to break off from Shigaraki’s list and protect Izuku. He’s still on their side, but Izuku is the exception.


As for Twice, it should be evident that he’s pretty screwed up in the head. I can’t say why due to manga spoilers, but I kind of pity him as a result so I didn’t find him deadpool funny. This is one case where going in blind is a benefit.

Moonfish is a Death Row convict who escaped and is clearly a cannibal. On top of being insane. You wouldn’t think being able to lengthen your teeth would be a dangerous Quirk, but then you run into this guy.

Mustard was… well, a brat who has a Quirk that couldn’t feasibly be used in hero work given how it prolonged exposure is lethal. The fact that he was smart enough to bring a gun was a plus for him, since no one in this setting invests in bulletproof clothing. But he loses points for shooting the guy made of metal and trying to kick him while he’s down instead of shooting the girl.

I’ll also point out that sports festival completely screwed those kids. He even mentions that he knew about Tetsutetsu’s Quirk enough to figure out that he was getting metal fatigue because of it. It’s like they set these kids up to die making that information public.

On that note, I liked Class B dynamic with Kendo being the brains and Tetsutetsu being the brawn. Tracing back the origin of the gas with her intelligence, reasoning the limitations of their filters, and pointing him in the right direction to knock  the brat out was a thing of beauty. I hope we get more of them.

Even with a couple of villains down, there are still some unaccounted for in this chaotic mess, so watching the rest of the arc play out will be a blast and I can’t wait.

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