Boku no Hero Academia (Season 3) Episode 3 Review

The villains heat things up.

Here’s my (late) Recap and Review of Episode 3 of Season 3 (or Episode 41 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) .


The episode opens the next morning, with Class B waking up at sunrise to get training for their Quirks. It seems Vlad King feels that Class A getting all the attention last semester warrants a correction, so they’re going to toughen up so they don’t embarrass themselves next semester. He explains that their Quirk development training will come from using their Quirks over and over so they get tougher, like how muscle fibers tear and then heal up to become stronger.

We then see Class A’s Quirk training. I could go into details, but honestly its pretty much just like he said about constantly using their Quirks. The more unique ones are Kaminari holding onto a battery to increase his electrical resistance, Koda working on increasing his voice to help get over his shyness, Uraraka in a giant ball rolling down a hill to work on how nauseated she gets, Sato eating cake while working out, and Jiro strengthening her earphone jacks by trying to force them into solid stone.

Class B sees this horrid training that Class A is going through and want out, but the teachers won’t let that happen since they don’t have time to be going slow. Thankfully, all four of the Wild Wild Pussycats are here to help them train. Ragdoll, one of the Pussycats we didn’t see last episode, has a Quirk that can see 100 peoples’ weaknesses and location, Pixiebob can shape the earth so they can train, Mandalay can use mass Telepathy, and Tiger will just beat them up a bit.

When the training is over, the kids have to make their own food. Iida takes it as more training and riles them up to make the best curry in the world, which allows them to really savor the food when its done. However, Izuku spots Kota wandering off and goes to talk to him because he’s a cinnamon roll.

The death of Kota’s parents led to him hating both Quirks and Superhuman society itself. That’s is pretty wide when you consider 80% of the global population has Quirks. Izuku tries to relate to him, but can’t exactly and ends up being shooed away.

Then we meet our new villains, who have arrived at the training camp that no one was supposed to know about. One really wants to go and start smashing them up, but Dabi tells him they’ll only move when they’ve got all ten. So that buys the kids another night of safety as they sleep away unaware.

The students who got the lowest grades during the finals have extra lessons, and since Uraraka and Aoyama nearly failed too they’re getting dragged in as well. Eraserhead tells them to remember where they started from so they know why they’re doing this and how they’re improving, but also brings up that All Might won’t be popping up when Izuku asks since he’s basically a walking target.  Pixie-bob then tells the kids that after their training they’ll have a test of courage with the classes pitted against one another as a carrot to go with the stick they’re getting beaten with.

When its time for dinner again, Izuku mentions he wanted All Might to see if he could talk to Kota because he believes that’d be just the thing to help him since Izuku couldn’t. Todoroki mentions that having a stranger trying to  reason with you would just be annoying, so the words have to be accompanied by actions. Izuku does have a habit of sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong and going all in, so he takes the advice to heart.

Then night falls and they’re supposed to do the test of courage, but the original extra lessons group immediately get pulled away by  Eraserhead. The rest of the class can only pity them before they draw their lots and split into groups, with Izuku being alone since he’s the extra.  The Tsuyu and Uraraka shippers get a moment when the pair go into the woods while holding hands when the villains start their attack.

It begins with poisonous gas from one that knocks out the members of Class B in the woods.  Dabi also starts a fire to draw in the eyes of others, while Pixie-Bob gets taken out of the picture right away. Izuku realizes that if the villains are here and Tota is alone, he’s a target as well, which is made clear as the episode ends.



This episode begins with a showing of how one would train their Quirks for the sake of being a hero. Like Bakugo mentioned before during the Sports Festival, they’re an extension of the body, so they can improve to some degree by being broken down and then built up. Naturally, there are some more unique methods of doing so, such as having Bakugo place his hands into boiling water to expand his sweat glands and then fire them off.

But where this episode really shines is when the villains are first seen. They’re already there, knowing where the training camp is and with the full intention of attacking them when the moment is right. That right there marks the first signs of improvement from Shigaraki after his talk with Izuku, since he makes it clear that this time he’s not acting on impulse, but putting actual planning behind it.

When Eraserhead mentioned that All Might wouldn’t be coming because he was a walking target, it wasn’t just meant for Izuku. Think about the timing. It was right after those villains showed up, meaning that it was telling us that there will be no heroes to save the kids when the attack goes down other than the ones there, six pros to protect forty students.

Now one of the heroes that were supposed to be protecting them has been knocked out, and remember that Pixie-bob has probably one of the most dangerous Quirks with being able to shape the earth around her like those beasts last episode. They aren’t the same as the ones who got bodied at the end of the first season, but seasoned villains that know what they’re doing.

Keep that in mind as the arc continues next episode.


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