Boku no Hero Academia (Season 3) Episode 1 Review

A Recap episode masked as a Pool episode.


The next season of Boku no Hero has come out and my recap and review is late due to the fact that I’ve been busy this month. So I’ve got some catching up to do. But you know the drill on what the series is about and what’s going on, so let’s not waste any time and get into the Recap and Review.


Episode 1 of Season 3 (or Episode 39 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) opens with a statement on how evil lurks in the darkness and continues to build up no matter what the heroes do. We then cut to Shigaraki praising his master on finding a location that the others couldn’t before a villain named Giran comes in to tell him that a “union” has gone through with getting supplies for them on short notice because if the League of Villains does well they can profit. He promises they’ll live up to those expectations and its about time to start the game.

Cue new opening.

We then get a recap from Kurogiri on Izuku’s activities to this point and how he was acknowledged by Stain, who sought out true heroes. He’s the opposite of Shiragaki, who wants to show the world just how fragile peace is. Which he’ll do by killing All Might.

Then we cut to Izuku, training for Summer Vacation since they have a training camp coming up in the woods. He looks back at the footage that inspired him to be a hero, which was All Might saving people with a smile. He still has trouble believing that he got the chance to inherit the quirk  from the hero, but vows to do his best as as Kaminari and Mineta pop up at his home to invite him to a pool.

Then we cut to Eraserhead talking to another pro-hero called Vlad King about the training camp. We then get an overview of the class’ different quirks before the kids come in claiming to use the pool for endurance training. But, unlike Izuku, it’s pretty clear these two have ill intentions.

Said intentions were to peek on the girls, but Izuku screwed them over by inviting all the other guys to train.  So the girls play around while the guys have to train, much to the displeasure of the lecherous duo. During that time we get more recap as Iida mentions not expecting to get along so well with Izuku given how they first met.

Then Bakugo shows up wanting to pick a fight, which gets turned into a swimming competition between them. I say swimming loosely since everyone with mobile quirks just skip over the water. But Izuku manages to beat Iida and Todoroki recalls how he managed to be inspired by Izuku getting the stuffing beat out of him and then Stain.

Then we go to a police station. All Might and the police guy recap the villain invasion during the training session, the Hosu City incident, and Shigaraki’s little talk with Izuku. All Might  is sure that they’ll do something and the police are working with the heroes to figure out where they are.

Back with the kids, Izuku, Bakugo, and Todoroki get ready to race for the win  only for Eraserhead to pop up and erase their quirks since their swim time is over. Bakugo is upset since he didn’t get the chance to beat Izuku as he walks away with Kirishima while Izuku goes to the beach and meets with All Might to recall the moments they had. He tells Izuku the training camp will be intense, but Izuku’s ready.

Cue Credits and a post-credit scene where they show that the training camp’s location has been changed last minute as a safety precaution. Only the school’s management knows about the change, so the fact that Shiragaki intends to start something bodes ill.


So this episode, befitting the first in the third season after a break, basically recaps the more important points of the series so far while reintroducing everyone.

Other than that there’s not really much to review. I do like that they set it to the backdrop of being in a swimming episode without the needless fanservice.  And the fact that quirks make it so that every “swim” race is essentially a case of anything but it. Mineta and Kaminari being the ones who tried to peek on the girls and thus the reason everything goes down is also nice because its completely in character for them to do it.

It’s fine as far as episodes go in warming up everyone for the upcoming epicness that is the training camp arc. Trust me that I say we’re in for a wild ride, folks.

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